Fastest Way To Max Your Weapon And Skills Payday 3. How To Max Weapon And Skills One Game

99 boxes

Um but basically it's on 99 boxes right and, what happens is you basically plan to do it stealth and you get to the very end right so you've shot the container you're all good to go and then there's a box right where you have to escape now, you can do this with one player all the way of four people right but please note you have to make sure that if there is only one person doing it you're all good it's just yourself but if you have one or more so two three four they all have to be doing this in order for it to work so basically long story short as you get to that point right it's all stealth because you don't want you know the alarms going off you know you want it to be an easy ride right easy payout and basically what you do is, you simply just step into the box wait until it says you know like you know time to escape it starts with free then you jump out then you go back in to free and back and forth and back and forth right and basically you keep doing that for maybe say five minutes or so and.

99 boxes glitch

Basically, what happens is the loadout you have, so your secondary is a pistol, and your primary is whatever gun It is Well, essentially, in that five-minute period of time, we'll max out that weapon completely, so that means you can pretty much play every single attachment for that gun now. Also, it works with skill points, so with skill points, whatever skill points you attach In order for you to move on to the next you know tree you know the next one along right you have to kind of use that perk and kind of gain experience with it and as gaining experience and launching the next one now, what this does is by choosing whatever perks you want to do it will basically complete the rest of that trade the rest of that Branch right so for example if you've got medic on medic one and I think there's like five or six for medic doing this would complete the whole branch which is you know very cool and, basically what you do is you once you know say, five minutes or so you complete the mission and you'll see all the XP and then what you then want to do is go right let me do a different Loadout so two different weapons, and.

I can start using the loadouts where you have different presets and say. Loadout zero, one, two, so if I'm doing stealth. I might have a hacker on so I can have cameras, and you know. I want to have the ability to rush so I can just, you know, escape and all that fun stuff, right? I know people won't be super happy with this, but I know a lot of people will be.

I saw this on Reddit, and my friend Terry and I saw it, but you know what? Let's just give it a go. All you have to do is play 99 boxes; it can be on normal difficulty, What you have to do is the best thing to do is complete itself rates and complete itself. Obviously, you can kill people and stuff.

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As long as the alarms don't go off, you're all good. Let's see me. Let's try to do this, mate. I mean, basically, mate, people, the guy said that you do it like hundreds of times, right? That's like back or back or backwards, but if you can, you do it right, and we get like 10,000 weapons. I guess I've had like 18 cups of coffee already.

Wanna see Sharp, if you know what I mean? Yeah, that sounds good. We can, I mean, we can call it or we can, yeah, sure, let's call it and let's see if it works, so I'm hoping for a decent amount of XP. Let's see here we go. May third, no, I'm not made to max level. yeah, but I had the gun out.

It's like my almost-level 24, and again, it went up. It went up on so many levels. I went from level five to level 23, mate. I mean, look at all the mates on my screen, like all these mods.

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