Everything That's Wrong With Payday 3


The current state of Payday 3 is disappointing, to say the least. Payday is a franchise that I've dumped countless hours into, especially Payday 2. You know, the game that everyone compares to Payday 3. Payday 3 dropped with such hype with an appearance by rapper Ice te promoting the game at Gamescom 2023, to its positively.

Received close beta earlier this summer, there were even rumors of possible collaborations with large titles like Fortnite or Call of Duty that had the community hyped for the game's arrival, but since the game's official launch, there's been nothing but issues and a major lack of communication from the developers at Starb.

So what happened in this article? We're going to go down the list of everything that went wrong with Payday 3 dating back even before the game's official launch, but before we jump into this, do your boy a favor. Back at the beginning of the summer, Starb announced that it would be partnering with anti-piracy software company Denuvo.


Leaving players less than excited for what this could possibly mean for the game's future, although days before its official launch, luckily for US Payday decided to part ways with Denuvo. Along with the announcement of Denuvo in the summer, we also learned that Payday 3 would require a constant internet connection because it would provide no offline or solo mode.

Following that information, we also learned that Payday 3 would incorporate, for the first time ever, microtransactions. Although that has yet to be seen in the game to this day. I'm still sure that some sort of microtransaction or store will be incorporated into the game in the near future, whether that comes in the form of loot boxes, just paid cosmetics, or even a battle pass.

I'm not sure yet, but we'll just have to wait and see if the next headache will pass. This is where a lot of players had mixed feelings, prepaying for future content that wouldn't be redeemable until months after the game's release really rub some players the wrong way, although for an AAA game it was reasonably priced at $40.

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On launch, the season pass versions of the game ramped that up to as high as $120. In some cases, surprisingly and very thankfully, the closed beta tests of the game actually went very smoothly, giving players a spark of hope for an amazing launch, but that didn't happen. Launch day came for Payday 3, and it was blistered with problems with matchmaking and survey issues that I'm sure we are all familiar with by now, but along with that.

PlayStation players were unable to utilize their 3-day early access to the game even if they'd pre-purchased the silver or gold season pass, bugs, glitches, and unredeemable cosmetics. It wasn't looking great for the developers. But after very quick and responsive server maintenance, just a few days after all of the reported problems, the matchmaking issues and server issues for the game stopped for the most part, allowing most players to now enjoy the game and everything that it had to offer.

But this isn't where the problems ended, as we were finally able to play the game and level up uninterrupted, despite matchmaking or server issues. Players began to notice a flaw in the progression system. In a system that forced you to play certain heists and use certain weapons in order to receive any amount of XP at all, you could play the game for hours upon hours, just enjoying the game at your own pace with the weapons you preferred playing with and the heist that you enjoyed doing, and get absolutely no XP at all.

Crazy, with very minimal communication to the community from the developers, a lot of players have already abandoned the game, leaving its Steam store. Page flooded with mostly negative reviews Although a new patch is on the horizon that promises to bring over 200 quality of life updates to the game, it does make me wonder if it's a little too late as Payday 2 is already sporting more than 20, 000 concurrent and average players than Payday 3 denal always online microtransactions, season passes.

As always, boys, don't sweat the small stuff.

Here's a list of everything that went wrong with Payday 3 dating back even before it's official launch.
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