Essential Payday 3 Hud Mods You Need Right Now

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Ladies and gentlemen, we are here at the Golden Shark Bank ready to rob this place dry and become filthy millionaires, but to do that, we have to have some of the best HUD mods that there is to offer for payday 3. On top of that, maybe these are some of the best top five there are, but to be fair, the modding community is getting out of control daily, and there's more mods added left and right now, starting off with one of the best HUD mods that we have right now, as you can see right here.

It's called the always show pagri count, which shows how many radios are in the alarm no matter if you start it or not. It will always appear as such a simple yet elegant design for a mod that becomes super useful to just have on your screen and available at all times. Now This next one's been around for a while now, and it's called the simple armor and health HUD, as you can see here.

This police guard has 100 health, or our teammates here have 300 health. Now we can see the armor. On the blue bar, they have 70 armor and 150 HP. By shooting him in the head, you can see some of the armor values going down as well as some of the health. Again, some of these are just nice to have HUD elements here to just kind of give you some more feedback in the game to know how well you're doing.

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On top of this, we have the damage popup HUD. As you can see, these humans only have one health. If I shoot them, I'm doing 30. It looks like a headshot to this guy. 152 must have been a crit or a head shot bonus multiplier. All right now, we have the police. This is the basic police, and as you can see, they still have no armor, just 100 HP.

It basically looks like the police assault is in progress. It brings in some homage to Payday to add some flare to the current HUD that's happening. But basically, what I wanted to bring to your attention more than anything is this one called the kill count HUD, as you can see how many kills I have and how much damage I've dealt, because, as we all know, the progression system in this game is purely based off of challenges and as we know.

A lot of the challenges to getting good experience are on weapon kills, and the nice thing about this mod is that there's a lot more to it than just seeing my name kill and damage. If I press K on the keyboard, I can come over here and actually change. No matter how big or small it is, I can change where it's actually located.

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I can change it by the x-axis and the y-axis; however, it seems that the y-axis isn't actually working for some reason at this moment. You can also hide names, hide miscellaneous text, and hide other players names, so if you are playing online, you can see that other players names appear on that list.

This mod right here is pretty simple too, but it's called the Pay3 Custom Fov, and it's as easy as that. If you go into your settings, you can go to your field of view, and you can crank that sucker all the way up to 150 here just to try to give you a really nice bump if you really want to play it that way, but bringing it down to something like 120, 110, 130, 140, etc.

feels really good. Here's like 150 You can really zoom in very limited space, but I think 110 or 120 is the sweet spot for me personally. Of course, that just depends on everybody's tastes, especially their computer resolution. All right, this next mod you can see right here on my screen is called the RGB HUD Buffs and Skills, and it changes the colors to coordinate and match with those that are in the menu.

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Now there's a bunch of different mods for this one, like the colored perk skills, for example, where this one would actually leave the color of the running guy white, but this one is blue, which helps correlate all of your perks in the menu that I'll show. You are all right. So as I was talking about earlier, here are the RGB HUD buffs and skills, and the perk skills appear here, where you can see that the grit is for green, red is for edge, and blue is for rush.

I got the best of the week, one best of the week I got some of the best quality of life mods.

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