Easy Payday 3 99 Boxes Stealth Normal Solo K. Ll All Guards & With Xp Glitch


Say I'm chasing my dreams. I didn't believe I could rap, but now I'm dropping on track for track. YouTube, it's your boy. Mike, and bring you all another article, man. Easy the easiest way you could do it is to kill all the guards except for one. You feel me; I know how you kill more than five. The people I used to play with were trying to teach me how to play this game.

They put me on, like, Yeah, you could kill all the guards. Just leave the guard that's in the camera room. Don't kill him. You'll be good, all right. As y'all can see, this weapon right here, this sniper right here, is level one, you feel me, and we're going to max it out at the same time as we're doing this all right, so what we're going to do is play, fa to hop into this thing right away, so we're going to go straight into 99 boxes all.

Right, all right, man, so once you load in, you just want to put on your mask, put on your mask, and just have a suppressor, like a gun with a suppressor. Be a guard, all right. There's one, a guard, so if you don't know, each guard that's outside has like a phone. Well, the two guards outside have a phone, but you got to take the signal, so if you came beside, come on the side I spawned on.


He's going to be here, and the other one's going to be on the opposite side, so you've got to scan his phone and hack his phone. All right, so now that we're going up, well, we've got to go inside. I'm just putting this right there because I know that's where it's going to be, at all right so we're going to go inside.

I forgot about that. Camera all right, it's two, three cameras in here, well, four. It's going to be two downstairs, two on this one on this wall, then one on that. Hell, you want to make sure you add to their radio. Well, the first four right now—are you doing anything later? I love him. I remember it's a civilian downstairs as well as you can see he usually spawn downstairs as well as you can see he be moving around for no reason got go to S right, here so boom that's it for inside so now you just got to do the objective open this and you can find your container where your liquid nitrogen in any one of these boxes Well, if it's not in this one, it could be in that one, it could be in this one, and it could be in this one all right, so that's what those are for.


There's the last one, and I think it doesn't matter if you answer it or not; it's still going to go into searching. He's good, and the only one that's going to probably he not going to search for you is because he's the only security guard left, and that's the one inside the camera room that you don't want to open.

So boom, you're free to go; you're free to do what you want. If you speed-run it, you just look for the containers with this, and if they don't, if the container doesn't have this on it, you could just loot it for money if you need the money; if not, just do it for the money. XP: When we just come to these little spots right here and be careful when it's on the side here, they usually have like a camera right here.


Where I want is so you can see it right there, so be. Careful So from now on. Well, all right. So what you want to do is you just want to go in and out of the box, in and out of the team. Escape do not let it count down in and out the longer you do it the more XP you get so just do it for like two to three minutes so guarantee that you level up one full gun, especially if it's an assault rifle since they have 29, levels so just do it for 3 minutes civilian get down.

And as you can see, it maxed me out at level 14. Mike, and we're out.

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