Easiest Overkill Stealth Mission To Do. Payday 3 Rock The Cradle - Stealth Overkill Guide



Okay, so what you're going to do here is run close to a civilian to activate your rush. Once your Rush is activated, you can pick the locks faster on each door, and it'll refresh every time you pick a lock. I'm going to run down as fast as we can ignore the cameras. Keep on going. Pick the next lock on this next door, and you unlock it.

You need to sprint, and then Crouch spread a little bit. Crouch, the guards will hear it, and then you can sneak on by taking the card off the back belt and opening the door. Hang out here just in case they don't see you. The door takes a little bit to open. You're going to go down the steps. Don't worry about the cameras.

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Open the breaker room here. On a previous playthrough, I had h. 200 green, so I knew what it was already. Now right here, I forgot to put on my mask, so that's what I'm going to do. I'm going to put the game face on my buddies. What was that noise? I accidentally slid, so the guard down there heard me, and he's on his way up, but it doesn't matter because we're going to have it hacked momentarily, and we're going to be out of there.

Once this is hacked, we're going to hop off the ledge on the right-hand side, and we're going to go to the second door on the right, not the first, the second. Go through that door and pop open the ventilation hatch. There's a breaker number on that board, and we just passed H. 200 Green take the crypto wallet.

Now in this next room, you can't get past without hacking the camera; it's looking in the same spot, so we're going to get under it and give it a quick hack. Right-click and close the loop to make it ours. I don't like the sound of that, so he hears me, and he's going to go into that room. Once he's in that room, I'm going to go down and sneak behind him.

Keep on going down, and we're going to toss out Jammer. We need Jammer to finish this mission, and you'll see why, momentarily, I'm going to hop up on this vent and wait for that guard down there to turn his back. We're going to hop down and toss in the crypto wallet now that we've extracted it. And by the skin of our teeth, we are done.

Now, from that mission, we have 1564 experiences, a ton of challenges done, and a little bit of money. Money is not so important as opposed to experience, and the challenge is completed because that'll go towards your overall level.



Now for the gear that I was using and the perks. Your standardized lining body armor for fastest movement and the ECM Jammer You need the ECM Jammer to complete this mission; that way, if you don't have it, you're not getting out, at least not with Grace.

So for perks, this is a standard build that I use for all stealth, but we have infiltrator quick fingers that depict locks faster, and then bagger so I can bag things a little bit faster. Now there's two iterations of this map, the first one, and I'm going to show you the second one right here.

Other level layout

Other level layout

Starting at the point where it all changes, now you gotta go down the steps, throw on your mask, and you're going to hop up on this ventilation here. And you're dropping down this time.

Open this door. I sprinted, so the guard heard me. The crypto wallet is locked away using a biometric L115 blue; that's our breaker number on the whiteboard. That's another option now since his guard is coming. I could have gone around the corner and waited for him to [__] off, but I side-shot him in the face instead.

I figure this camera here might be an issue for me, so what I'm going to do is close the loop. Hey there, buddy, I just saw something that kind of took care of his radio. I thought it was nothing, and then we're going to take care of him. I tried to throw him through the vent, but this game doesn't let you do that, so we're just going to drop them on the ground in a place where I don't think he's going to be seen, and we're going to go back across the top from Once We Came.

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You have to be careful there again. Jump with too much momentum. It's Gonna Knock You Off, so back to the breaker room, where we find that L-115. Now on this run, I don't have the ECM Jammer, so I'm going to show you up to the point where I get the crypto wallet, but essentially, you're going to extract the same way.

I was just unable to because I didn't have the ECM jammer, and I wound up getting a car.

Let me know whatcha think. so far this has been the easiest one to run solo on overkill. in my opinion. Happy Hunting.
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