Does Payday 3 Have A Chance


I see a lot of questions about the progression in Payday 3, and if we are changing, we don't have any plans for today to change how the progression works, so players of Payday 3 are frustrated with the lack of gameplay freedom caused by the restrictive challenges and progression system. Rewards in the game are a major issue, with players not feeling adequately rewarded for their efforts in leveling up.

Payday 3's launch has been played with issues blah so not only are there issues with the servers for the games unplayable, but once you do finally get into the game, as I said in my previous article. My deduction without even going into a match was that they are clearly trying to time gate as much as possible when it comes to progression in the game, which is evidenced by something like the c-stack system where you have to accrue a crazy amount of money.

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To, then convert to C stacks, and then every time you make a C stack, it increases how much it costs to make another one, and then there's items where it's costing like several C stacks just for one item, compounding. Time gating there is crazy and so blatant, like, what purpose does that have other than trying to stretch out a small amount of content as much as you possibly can, and they're not looking into fixing that at all; they're not looking into changing it at all because it's intentional; they know it's grindy; they know it's time gating; and they don't care because it's intentional; they want people to take forever to do these things so that they can stretch out the small amount of content they have, which we saw; it's not a lot; there's not a lot of guns; there's no characters; almost there's not that many heists.

There aren't that many cosmetics; very little got carried over from Payday 2, which makes no sense to me because it seems like it's built into the same engine. I could be wrong about that, but it seems that way, and they're saying they're not going to change it because they want people to spend as much time on the game as possible.

They want player retention to be as high as possible, and these are mechanisms to achieve that. If there's no content to grind for, then it kind of doesn't matter. I looked at the offerings, like cosmetics, masks, characters, and guns, and I didn't see anything that I would want to grind for a hundred hours for nothing that looked cool enough.


Really, they want player attention to be high, so they spend more time on the game because that's going to mean they're exposed more to the microtransactions. The longer someone's on the game, the more likely they're going to be to finally hit purchase on that item they keep eyeing in the microtransaction store and mark it.

Yeah, because we can't work in offline mode, but we can work on some sort of AI algorithm that's going to be able to expertly recommend heists and challenges that you should do based on what you've already done and your behavior. Yeah, I'm sure you have time for that. Yes, I'm quite positive that that's going to be an easy buildout that you're working on, but no offline mode.

We have no clue when we're going to be able to do that, and I'm also sure that the recommendation system is going to be great. I'm sure it's going to be perfect. I'm sure it's going to be so good. So, smart questions regarding the quality of life experience, for example, regarding the user interface, are also a topic that we're looking to address.


Yeah, and for the UI in the game, there are a lot of small things that we want to solve. It's a matter of prioritization right now, like just understanding. A lot of the complaints about the UI and ux are because, of all the games people have played for the most part, no one's actually gotten into the matches.

Imagine what they're going to say when more people actually get to experience the game. And yeah, the UI is not great, and I feel like it was better and more intuitive in Payday 2. Just in the short time I was using it, I struggled to find where certain stuff was, which didn't really make sense. I don't know how that's possible because, once again, in Payday 2, it just worked.

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I don't understand this precedent; it doesn't work for some of the things that we are evaluating for future patches. I don't even understand what we're talking about; we're not even at square one right now. Rename your loadout improvements to challenges and the communication around them. Miles thinking You already said that it worked on console Quick Play.

That's a compilation of some of the things that we are evaluating—not even working on them, just looking at them. Not it's not on top of our priority Will pre-planning ever come back in Payday 3? Pre-planning is a feature that exists in PD2. I'm seeing a question here from Pyomancini. When will the service be fixed?

something we do not know right now; we are working on improving the stability. I honestly feel like they should have listed this game as early access and done it on PC only to be like. I don't know, but this game does not sound finished at all, even once you get past the server issues. The market is early-access.


It's a game that people want. It's clearly a work in progress. It's clearly agile software. As a service, you know, situation at this point, they're not even hiding the fact that the game's kind of unfinished and still lacking a lot of core features that people odd obviously we're going to expect or want in the sequel crossplace cool cross platforms cool, but if it's hindering your game this much, why are we all pushing for it so much?

This is a game where it's like a four-player co-op; it's not some massive multiplayer; it's not some 8v8; it's not like it's with three other people you're matching with. Maybe that's a requirement for Game Pass, even though I don't know, but these things are all true. For pushing updates and stuff, there's a review process or a verification process, and it takes longer, so since they have to do that for the consoles, the PC update and hot fixes are also just going to happen arbitrarily.

It takes longer just because of consoles, so as PC players, you suffer because the game's crossplay is that great. I don't know; I'm not. I'm not saying that nothing should be cross-played. Cross-playing isn't cool. I benefit from cross-play because some of my friends are on Xbox, so my friends are on PC.

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I'm on PC, but these are situations where it's not cool and then you go, God, is this really that? big of a deal that this game in particular would have cross play. Would we be able to live if this game hadn't had cross-play? Maybe that would have been better in this case because I don't think it matters that much if the three other players you match with can play cross-play.

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