Do Not Buy Payday 3 - Very Disappointed


Hello, welcome back to a new article. So recently, I've been playing the brand new Payday 3, and as an avid fan of Payday, I knew I just had to play this game. Unfortunately, so far, it's been kind of bland, boring, and uninspiring. As far as sequels go, this game has been kind of lacking in luster in several aspects that we're going to be talking about in today's article.

First of all, the matchmaking and lobby systems in the game are extremely frustrating, as it can take a very long time to find a match with other players. Obviously, this is a multiplayer-focused game, so playing with bots is an option, but it's very boring because the matchmaking system only matches you with other players.

Per mission, so you can't just press quick play, and then it'll match you up with players for any mission you have to like choose the mission, and then it'll start matchmaking you for that mission, but then some missions are not very popular and don't have many people playing them, so you'll end up just alone in the lobby with a bunch of bots.


It would be nice if they just matched you up with other players and then put you on any mission instead of making you choose the mission before matchmaking. This game does feel comically arcade. So basically, what happens is that first they'll send in a wave of cops like normal policemen, not really wearing much armor, just packing pistols, and then they'll keep sending wave after wave of increasingly more dangerous policemen.

SWAT teams, and there's also like a special policeman who jumps down from the roof or something that jumps onto you and pins you down, kind of like the stalker from Left for Dead. This game is kind of like Left for Dead in the sense that if you've got four people in a team, you have objectives to solve, and you get waves of enemies sent towards you, including special enemy units, but the gunplay combat in this game is not very enjoyable.

You just kind of spam your weapon at the enemies, and they don't really do much in terms of AI. The AI in the game is really bad; they just kind of stand there, getting shot at, and don't try to take cover. They don't really employ any kind of tactic. The AI is just really dumb in this game, and there's barely any recoil for the weapons.

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Weapons don't really feel very realistic; you kind of just stand there and spray and prey into crowds of plac men, and they go down after taking quite a few shots. I would have preferred it if it were more realistic, like more realistic bullet damage and more realistic movement speeds. And more intensely.

There's loads of these little mini games in this game where it's just holding down F to either activate something or deactivate something, and then you got to grab the stacks of money and take it to the pickup location, and just dump it there and run backwards and forwards between the pickup location and where the money is, and keep transporting the bags.

Some of the bags will be dyed. And he does a lot of damage and he can take a lot of damage, and he's like a very tanky enemy, and you just basically run up and down between these two locations collecting the money whilst trying to stay alive, and then you finish the mission and you get the money, and then you can use the money to upgrade your weapons and buy new weapons.


I quite enjoy this aspect of the game because it increases the game's replayability. But in a different layout or different kind of bank with different floors and different rooms, it does get very tedious and repetitive. I think some improvements to the game could have been if they let you drive the car and like drive away from the police and there's a getaway scene where you got to escape the police chasing you and get to The Hideout and then maybe you could have like a hideout where you have to buy a place and then make, a hideout in a room and decorate it and make it improved with improved security systems and cameras maybe turrets, and have like a home base that you can use your money to spend the money on improving the home base and you got to drive between the home base and towards, the bank and also have vehicles in the game so be nice if you could use the money to buy vehicles as well it's kind of pointless robbing a bank and becoming Filthy Rich If there aren't really many things that you can do with the money.

I mean, most people would rob a bank so they could buy iPhones and games and houses and cars and buy cool stuff with the money, but in this game, all you can do with the money is just buy weapons and armor. What about, you know, buying some luxurious stuff in the game that you can use, like a fancy new bachelor's pad, a nice car, or maybe a motorbike, or maybe some fancy clothing, or an iPhone?

I don't know something interesting that you can spend the money on that isn't just guns. So yeah, it is a nice improvement over Payday 2 and previous Payday games, but I would like to see it a bit more. The graphical quality of the game is also not very impressive, considering this game was released in 2023.

I would expect more from the graphical processing power and performance of this game, so unfortunately, I have to give this game 6.2 out of 10. It's okay; it's fun for a bit of a laugh, especially if you have friends to play with. It's much more enjoyable than just playing with randoms. Also I don't like it how the randoms kind of just quit the game if they don't like how the heist is going and also new players can't join your team whilst you're in a game if you load out a game with like two players, and one bot and you then you're stuck with the one bot and if people leave then you'll get two Bots but new people can't join into a game that's Ono like in Left 4 Dead if a game is Ono you got a load of bots you can just begin the game then later on people can join the game or leave the game that doesn't happen in this game it's kind of frustrating it would be nice if the Bots eventually get replaced with real people who join, your current ongoing Heist but that doesn't really seem to happen in this game so for that reason I would have to not recommend this game and give it 6.2 out of, , .

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