Do Not Buy Payday 3 Gold Edition


Today I'll just be talking to you guys. Um. I don't really make articles like this, but today I have to cover this absolutely horrible launch for Payday 3, and it's honestly just crazy like what's happening, but let's just dive right into it. Hold on, let's kill the intro real quick. So I bet you're wondering, Well, what happened?

What's this game like? Is it looking good? Well guys, it's a Friday evening, and I'm just over here, like, yes, I cannot wait to go home and play Payday 3. Finally, the servers were down on Thursday. I had pre-ordered it on Sunday, and it was just crazy because I got the Gold Edition tools, which were rounded up to almost 100, if not a hundred, dollars USD, so I go home and I load it up.

I noticed that I got into a game finally because I'm like. Yes, finally. I got into road rage, and I'm wondering. Wait. I found, if I'm not mistaken, that I spent a hundred dollars on this game, so where is my extra contact? So, I go to the cosmetic section, the masks and the and just the math section, and I'm like, I'm like, there's nothing here; it just says purchase level up, level 9, 10, and 11.


Where is the stuff I ordered, like the Liberty Mask? I don't see anything, and I did some research. It's just that it's just so weird, so I go to Twitter, and I go, and I go on Google, and it says that PS5 players are experiencing some bugs with the Gold Edition, and I'm like, Wait. I gotta read more, so Andreas Hall Penninger, who is one of the lead developers for this game, said on Twitter, quote, unquote, for reasons out of our control, you are currently playing on an older version of the game.

Sony's working on rolling out the proper patch for PS5. And I'm just like. I have never like I've like this never happens I've never until this year 2023 I've never seen anything like this happen with any games. When I saw this, I was stunned. I'm like I might never pre-order games ever again for this reason, like it has to be scared because I'm like, no way I like have to read by the game right because I'll see I'm on the Discord server of payday.


Wait, so they're saying that I might have to wait all the way until October just to get like three masks, the season pass, and a couple extra pieces of content. I'm going to play Payday three Monday. Um, after I come home from school, I'm really excited to play. Nope, servers are out of matchmaking.

Errors like, at least polish it well enough to wear, like, or make it, like, fix it to where we could actually play and have the three-day Early Access because honestly. I didn't have any Early Access. Hold on, let me scroll back. Let me scroll down some more. Where's my content, guys? Where I don't, I don't see the correct content.

It just stinks. Like, I played the beta on PC. I even made a article of it. You guys might have seen it, but I may not. I'll leave a card up right now in case you didn't, but it's just that I was so ready for this game to come out. I'm like, this game's looking good. I cannot wait to see what more they add, and then bam.


Bam, they had to hit us with this matchmaking. Errors, so really, there's pretty much no point other than getting the Gold Edition unless you really, really want the Liberty masks as the season passes and the other masks, but honestly, you should wait until we get this whole situation resolved because it's honestly very frustrating.

Like, when I found out. I'm like, my God, there's no way I paid like, a hundred for payday, when it was really like 40. I could have bought it for, but I'm like, nah. I trust that you know the content will be worth it and I pre-order, and then this is what happens. I couldn't even get three-day early access.

No content, no nothing. It's honestly like I already sent them an email talking about whether they can give me my content, but it's not. Really frustrating, and I get that I see people across the internet looking for compensation. I, just want the I just want it to be fixed, but at this point, I'm pretty turned off with payday 3.

game console

I just find it like I've never in my life seen it where they upload the wrong version of the game; they upload an old version of the game. I've just never seen that in my whole life before, and I've been on this Earth for a while—15 years. I don't know; I mean, it is like the first couple of days, so we gotta give them a break, but then, again, like we, I don't understand people's frustration and my frustration.

It's like paying mad money for this game just to not have half of the stuff that's in there—not even half of the stuff, not even all of it—like I'm just getting the base game, and that's it. Also. I'm hearing that some people are even like repaying for the game because they're like. All right, let me see if I delete it and then re-download it. If they can't, you can't even re-download it if you delete it, so I'm not even going to try and risk deleting it and having to repay for it.

I really hope that Sony just comes up with a way to fix this. This is only something I've seen game developers do, like fix bugs inside their games. I've never actually seen a legit game release bug like this ever before, so it's really new and changed to me that, as you know, people can't even have to re-buy the game like what is this foreign.


Guys, like, we've honestly got to do better. You know, after years of gaming, like, since the 1990s and 1900s, we've been You know, we would expect them to overcome this, but it's understandable. You know, like, it's two like we're two days into the release. We can't really be like, Ah, come on, you should do better.

You know, I'm not going to bash them for it, but it is a little upsetting that, you know, I spent a hundred dollars and nothing's there. I spent 15 minutes in matchmaking, nothing, and it just gave me an error, so you know it's just little, things you know, I just had; it's like it's almost midnight right now.

Man, we can't really like this. They made an amazing game already, and I'm sure it will be amazing, and they will keep adding stuff to make it more amazing, but it's just, you know, it's just that I understand it's turning a lot of people off, like when they re-download it, then they delete it, and then it doesn't even work anymore; they have to rebuy the whole thing, so they're just not buying it in total, which is understandable.


It's like 90, 100, almost 200 on payday, 3 like Come on guys, I don't only spend that amount of money on Spider-Man 2, and I'm like, that's like, hard if that's like a hard maybe. But nah, that's the end of the article. I was just struck. If you in case you like thinking about getting payday 3 and waiting on it just to see what happens, just wait until all of this is resolved, like, I'd say give it like until October-ish.

Game that I know payday 3 could be, and I just hope for the best of it and hope I can get my stuff out, so yeah, guys, peace out.

Hey guys welcome back for another video today I will be talking about why you guys shouldnt buy payday 3 Gold Edition, hope you guys enjoy.
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