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Please don't buy Payday 3. I just want to come out and say that real quick this article is going to be in our short and sweet one, but I want to go on a bit of a rant talking about payday 3. A game I was actually quite looking forward to playing, so Payday 3 obviously is the follow-up to the longer-waited Payday 2, a game that has pretty much earned a legendary status at this point.

With all the content it had pumped into that game, it was great. Genuinely, payday 2 is an all-time classic, especially with friends, so obviously, hearing payday 3 is on the way is big news. Everyone's hyped, and everyone can't wait to hop in. Well, guess what? Even if you brought the game, you still can't hop in because the servers are still broken.

At least at the time of recording this, I don't get how you fumbled this badly, to be honest. I don't mean to go completely in on payday here. I understand that getting this stuff right isn't always the easiest thing, but you'd think that having to support a game like Payday 2 for nearly 10 years over 10 years at this point you'd fit You'd think they'd figured out something as simple as running a server, right?


Yeah, it's frustrating to me because I actually think Payday 3 is a good game. From the bits I've played and the bits I've seen, I think it is a solid and fun experience, and if the servers were working, I'd be going to check out Payday 3. It's on Game Pass; why not? But at this point, I don't think it's even worth the disk space on your console to have it installed.

I just don't quite get it. How can they actually release a game that just doesn't work like I understand? Okay, having buggy products is one thing, but when you can't actually play them, that's like, that's like a whole different level, okay? Because let's say you buy a buggy game you can at least experience, to a partial degree, you can get something out of the money you put into it, whether it's just pointing and laughing or whether it's angry rants, at least you get to experience something with payday 3, you get a title screen that's.

It's what your 35 dollars get you people a title screen. It is frustrating to me because Payday is a franchise. I think people should have a lot of faith in each installment; it has built upon the past one and done a pretty decent job, and honestly, if the servers are working. I would have quite high hopes for payday 3.

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But this is just a bad Omen Okay, this is just a bad sign going forward if they can't get the servers working within the first week. Not a good sign, okay? It's just bad news all around. I know that other YouTubers have made articles on Payday 3 when it was in beta, like Act Man. For example, he made a great article talking about all the good positives of Payday 3, and it was a really good article, but now he's had to basically come out and be like.

Look, the game is good, but don't buy it; it's too buggy, and [__] I'm sorry if I upset developers, but it's broken, and I respect it because he sat there and he's gone. I had fun playing this game. Why does it matter? Why does it matter how good the game is if you can't play it? It's like it could be the game of the year.

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If you can't play it, there's no point. It volition, wait, never mind, but the point I'm making here is just, don't buy Payday 3. Okay, just wait for it to go on sale. It'll be cheaper down the line, and you can actually play the [__] game you paid for because this is stupid. This is just so stupid, and this isn't even a scripted article.

This is just like Outburst. Okay, because it's wild to me, but this can still happen. They've been running Payday 2 servers for so long, and I understand it's not just as easy as transferring over. Okay, I'm not a game developer; I am talking about consumer frustration, so please understand that.

Okay. I'm not pretending to understand the inner workings of game servers because I'm sure that if I were trying to do this [__] I'd struggle to, but the difference is that I don't have that big of a [__] budget behind me. You'd think that a company that has basically made two very solid payday games with servers running well past the sell-by date of those games again.

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Payday 2, was running for what 10 years at this point? Be able to figure something out as simple as servers, and again, all gaming companies have this I mean. I remember Call of Duty, which is literally like the giant of multiplayer gaming, having server issues with Cod World War II, at least back in the day.

It's not a payday 3 exclusive issue, no, but, like, do you want to fix it now? It's frustrating i do feel bad for the strawberry steps, though, and I want to just add this on the end there before I go off and around, okay, because I do want to say I have a lot of genuine compliments for your game.

I think the game has a lot of potential. I think it'll be really fun and really good, and I think it'll have a nice long lifespan, but this is a pretty Rocky launch, and it's not even Rocky in terms of quality; it's just Rocky in terms of no one can actually experience the game, so I feel for you.

Okay, you put so much hard work into making the game that no one can play it, which is pain, and again, full sympathy goes out to the developers. At the end of the day, they're not the ones paying for the game; it's the consumer, and the consumer has the right to choose whether they think the game is worth it.

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I can't play, so yeah, just don't do it to yourself. Okay, go play Starfield.

is the latest instalment to the payday franchise, but unfortunately it is plagued with issues mainly around server disconnection is loading issues and people struggling to find a match. This is mainly because of server issues with the game and today I wanted to warn everyone not to touch this game mainly due to these issues. Its a game that could be good but sadly isnt anyways though. I hope you enjoy the short video and I just want to give you a nice warning about buying this game.
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