Disabling The Cameras Without Killing The Guard Payday 3


Welcome! In this article, we'll be showing you how you can actually get around the camera guard by basically turning off all of them without killing the camera guard, and it works very simply, even in this case. Overkill difficulty As long as the guard room is in a private area and you are in casing mode or mask mode, you can actually just walk up to a camera guard, allow him to spot you, and he will let you out.

Come on. The interesting part is that since the cameras have ceased to function, we, you know, can move around, so you'd expect the cameras to start functioning again once they go back into that room, but they won't. Basically, at this point, the cameras have been turned off for all intents and purposes; it's asking if you killed the cameraman.

And we'll have a look at it once the camera guy is back up in his security office, but for this heist now, cameras are no longer functional, and we did it without even killing areas. got it, and the best part is he would just go back up to his camera room office and he'll stay there for the remainder of the heist.

As long as you close the door, you can just have him kind of chill up there with no big, basically no, consequences. Hey, what's going on? You can't be in here; this area is restricted. I will need you to come with me; this area is restricted. Yes, thank you, but yeah, we'll go up and have a look at the cameraman.

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I did fail there to get by this guy; he was actually so close that he bumped into Meed. Now stay the [__] out of it. As you can see back in the room, the cameras are still down, and they will stay down for, as I said, the remainder of the heist. We're going to try and get the guard out of the secure area.

I've already tried a few things, like running around outside with the door open and the door closed. With the door closed, he doesn't actually react, but with the door open, he will say a voice line, but he will still stay in the area. There was another guard patrolling this area, though he also responded to that same noise.

I have since terminated that guard, and I want to see now if running around behind this guy is actually going to elicit a response or just here, as I can see, he just doesn't care. I heard something kind of stuck in there, so I assume what you could do is try and lockpick. Maybe I'm wondering if packing his radio is going to do it.

Nope, the camera still works. Hacking the radio did not have any effect on that unless we needed to wait for it to finish, but hacking does not work. The only thing else that I'd like to try would be getting handcuffed and then, you know, lockpicking out of it to see if that had an effect. Potentially, that might be the play, but to do that, we'd have to have no mask on.

And we will do that just to see if it works. As I said, I did want to try the strategy of getting cuffed. Now, keep in mind that getting cuffed is going to result in a couple of things that aren't necessarily positive for us, the first being that we're going to have to mask up, of course, but the second one is going to be the fact that the guard will start a bit of a Search, so we want to get cuffed, like so, and then we want to uncuff I just cuff some scumbag better search the area, as you can see he did move, but we now need to get out of here without him realizing, and the cameras are still working, so unless we get him out of that room, nope, they actually stopped working, so that did work, you can go in, you can get coughed, and that way you can turn off all the cameras without really getting you know into too much trouble, however, with all God Guard searching, it's going to be a problem because they're all still moving around, and that's going to make them incredibly Unpredictable, so, if that's fine with you, it is viable.

You can do this to get rid of the camera guards. Just get into the room, uncuff yourself, and sneak out. They will start a search, but you will be able to get things done. I think those are the main ways you can do it in private rooms. It is very simple: just no mask gets escorted out in secure rooms; again, no mask gets caught; and then you want to go ahead and, , you want to go ahead and you know, uncuff yourself.

Masking up is going to require the permission that allows you to do that.

In this video I will be going over how you can disable the cameras in heist while keeping the camera guard alive, this could potentially save you a pager and allow you to take out a different guard to make your life easier in some heists.
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