Dirty Ice. Overkill & All Clean Loot. Payday 3


I just can't decide on, like, an outfit that I want to stick with. Yeah, the outfits are very subpar, but honestly. I'm probably just going to stick with, like, white gloves like the mask I'm wearing in the default outfit because you're in you're in the classic slacks there. Face, she's so upset, and you look like you smell the bad fart.

My guy needs help. Yeah, he smells good. Help me up. I need help up game on, so we're actually going to stealth or we're just going to fall on sent cuz if so, I'll just start brute for those answers. Me Actually, I just realized I was 94. Yeah, no, the code 946, but Nine's not available; there's no Thum print on it.

Okay, also make sure you make sure you filter the gems. Yeah, we've done that. The Sam is open in here, or I can open it from the other side if you want; either way, it's. That is a shield. Is it a shield? Has anybody found a red key card? The key card is downstairs in the basement. Okay, yeah I'm probably you know I'm probably going to max out the sa A14 for or the a the s a, theam308?


Just call it what it is. Damage The key got the red key card. Who's the waiter? Who's level 40? Is that random? That's a random question. Why does he have four armor chunks? He has heavy ballistics. Just equip a different armor. My guy, I have level three armor. Do you have the heavy ballistic?

No, he's got level three, meaning he's not wearing the suit. He's wearing the lightest in the game, so he's wearing the one that's got two chunks. No, I have; he only has one chunk. Mist, thank you. We've invented this new system, but they ran out of cops. But stay focused; they'll be back before you know it.

That's what I'm doing. So, sorry, actually, I think we're just going to leave the marked bags. Yeah, I'll just leave them in here and not throw them on the roof up here. Yeah, but then they could be taken, not on the roof. That bag wasn't marked. Wait, that's the rare stone. Yeah, you can't. Yeah, you can't clean it.

Watch I have an appointment. I have an appointment. I don't care about your appointment. I'm making money. He was streaming; he just missed it. Yeah, I was streaming for five hours, so are you still not streaming? Yeah, he's not streaming at the moment. No, I'm streaming. Yeah, he's streaming.


He just can't see it. Do we get do you get to watch Payday 3? You know, it mainly just gets rid of the backstrap. As a damn day, I'm upset. I generally wish that you were still Al when I made him do that back flip. I really didn't see all of it because I was behind cover, but I just saw his legs go up in the air when you shot, so, okay, hold on one, repeat that cuz I had to turn you up on Discord.

I said that I didn't actually see the full backflip because I was behind cover. All I saw was his legs go up in the air when you were shooting, so he slipped on a banana peel. Yeah, that's virtually what it looked like, like that's still funny, though yeah, it is; it's really funny; it's just a lob.

Still, yeah, we're almost done with randomness in here; he's actually not doing too bad. Yeah, surprising, no, see the no There's one reason why he's doing so well: he's playing Wolf. That's true that's true the wolf is the character of That's Me. Even though Ed is not really here with us, he's with us in spirit.


Yeah, he's with us in the spirit of our hard work. Here's a breath. Is it me, or does the chopper look? God damn, is it me, or does the chopper look funny? What do you mean is the one mesh just string? Yeah, it looks like the chopper door isn't a door. Yeah, I thought I was the only one who saw that holy [ __ ].

I told you I would go down. I am beining it towards you. I have i'm missing two out of the full thing of medicine. By the way, I've already talked to Sam about this, Addie, but does the sniper screw up for you? Like, when you go to reload it sometimes, if you are like, screw, if you default, yeah, it'll do it; it'll do a full reload.

Yeah, it does that all the time. It's really annoying. Don't sprint; just let the animation happen. c Yeah. I've been trying to move slower sort of, so I'm not like sprinting all the time with it when I'm needing to reload or shoot or whatever, or else it'll freak out on me explain what rifle It's the sniper, and it's the R700.


It's in this game, ah, so a gun I don't even have access to yet. Right, you know, they probably were going for real-life weapon names in this one, but, yeah, make it clicking heads. fish in a Now all right, one more packet, and then we're out. Yeah, I'm surprised that Random is doing pretty well.

[__] Good, I don't even think he's gone down; he hasn't; normally, we would have had AES like two or three times now. Actually, have any of us gone down? Well, technically, you and Cler [ __ ] I broke my armor. I think I just blew up a [__] B-up Malaysia; is that a cloaker I blew up Malaysia? I'll assume that.

Yeah, is there a medic bag anywhere I need one? My fix is that you've got more than enough health, my man. That's not all the loot. No, I just put it in the last bag, and it's still saying secure all. Loot is probably something all of the little like NE things like the instant cash count toward.

It is how can I not hit that taser? It's on you. Hey, hi Ifor, I can't get the rain. Yeah, I just like it. Just get out, yeah, just get out, just gun it got.

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