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The original title of this article was the sequel that ran backwards, but after giving payday three more times, I've now realized that I was way too quick to jump to conclusions. While yes, there are features missing from Payday 2, it is important to remember that Payday 2 was regularly updated for 10 years.

It is impossible to incorporate 10 years worth of additions and improvements into a new game. Well, it is possible, but then you get OverWatch 2 p. 3 is a different game; the focus is much more on realism and immersion, even if sad realism comes with Bluetooth ammo. St has been improved, making M less or casing mode gameplay into something viable, and you can even complete the entire Heist without ever using the mask.

The randomization of maps now works with seeds. Random seeds are generated once you enter a heist, which determines the position of objectives, items, etc., and this seed persists through restarts, only being discarded once you return to the main menu. This also means that if you mess up after getting a code, you can, in your next attempt, use that code from the get-go, skipping the need to reacquire it entirely, or you can bash your head against the wall, guessing the right combination.

You do one thing that you almost couldn't ever do in Payday 2: sit in Co. The ding was just too much. However, in Payday 3, since you AR posting a server and instead you all connect to a central one, this issue is pretty much fixed when the servers work, that is, but more about that later. I hate it.

Stealth in the previous game was way too slow, and messing up once meant that you needed to start all over again, but since the improvements to casing mode, as long as your weapons remain sheathed, the punishment for getting caught is severely reused. Combine this with co-op. You can have someone remain in casing mode for the entire heist, and they'll be able to contribute big time, but enough about stealing.

We all played Payday Two because the gunplay was exceptional, and it would be remiss of me not to touch on the fact that the weapons continue to feel good to use, and now enemies no longer have skills with difficulty, which is a great change. The only complaint I have is that the weapons either don't deal enough damage or the enemy's health is absurdly high.

Killing someone with no head shot is basically impossible without running out of ammo, and even with head shots, enemies take a lot more lad than they ought to. I'm fine with Peay Shooters needing three head shots on an armored guy, but not being able to take one shot with a revolver just feels like playing wrong.

This is increased damage from Edge and improved armor penetration from cutting shots. I am done. Since the 1911 has a better damage stat. I thought it would deal more damage than the Caso, and since you can't one-shot headshot with the 1911, even with the cutting shot. I assumed you also couldn't with the Caso.

But you can, so I'm dumb, but then what does this slim mean? I'm also not too fond of the weapon selection, but that's something that improves with time as they add more and more weapons in the coming updates. The only way to increase your player level is through challenges, most of which are about doing the same thing x times, be it completing a map to steal or killing enemies with a gun.

They did this to decrease the repetitiveness of leveling, but they only made it worse by requiring code like camo challenges. I wouldn't have a problem with this if they were just that challenging, but as it is currently, skill points are locked behind player level, and the only way to raise the said level is by grinding out the same 1, 000 kills with different weapons.

If I were to offer some entry-level fixes, I would include gaining XP for leveling weapons and reducing the level requirement for the maximum number of skill points to about 60 to 70. My reasoning is fairly simple. Getting to play with a full kit earlier means that players can do what they loved about Payday 2: experiment.

Way earlier, getting XP for leveling weapons also helped boost player level to that point, and it is faster to fully level a weapon to Max than it is to complete the GX kills challenge. I know this is just a band-aid for the problem and not a real fix, but that's all I could master up; that's not the bring-back-highest XP that everyone is saying, but all in all.

I don't really care about this. I know that rushing to complete the currently available content is a good way to burn out, and as the developer said in the Q&A streams, these were meant to be completed casually and not by grinding them out. I enjoy the moment-to-moment gameplay enough to queue up with ROMs on the road.

I would play the other maps too if a loud filter existed, but until that comes. I'm content with speed-ringing the bridge version of armor transport, and of course they've just said that they'll change it after I record the voiceover. I do want to touch on how the game runs; I have a 3060 and an i5 10600k.

PIT3 is installed on an SSD, and I can't run the game on higher settings down low to have a consistent 60 frames a second to say that I can play on Ultra with no problems, and there are times when playing on medium kills my PC. Originally. I wanted to say that I'm not too fond of the music and that they sound kind of Samy, but now that the servers work and I can play the full Heist roster without getting matchmaking errors.

I had a chance to give the sound a good listen. I've got to say Gustavo nailed it once again, but I don't know how I feel about the Golden Sharks. You might have noticed I said now that the servers were, and you might even wonder why I said it like that when the game was released, the servers were so bad they were down for more time than they were off for almost a week straight.

It got better as time went on, but the damage was already done. As of writing, the game is at 36% negative on Steam, but it doesn't have to stay there. Developers show that they care about the game, that they listen to feedback, and that they're in it for the long term. Payday 2 became one of my favorite games through its updates, and I hope that Payday 3 will be one of them too.

I do believe Payday 3 is in its current state, but I also believe it will be an amazing game. I don't think that currently there's enough content to justify its $40 price. If you really want to play it now, do it through Xbox Game Pass or Get a Pirate at Copy, as they also work in multiplayer, and your progression will be saved if you decide to purchase it after.

Don't ask me why I know this one last thing I leave to the people who still play Payday 2 is an update to my stealth guide on Steam, which I released all those years ago in 2016. This is my courting gift to the community. I've been seeing

The October 5th update never came. I've been sitting on this video for over 2 weeks thinking about releasing it as is or waiting till the first update hits, but it still has yet to come. Recording gameplay footage is a nightmare when the game can't run at a stable fps and finding other people is impossible thanks to no server browser and to the fact that everyone on my friends list didn't renew their gamepass subscription. The player base is pretty much gone already and it hasn't even been a month.
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