Crazy Payday 3 Glitches


There, you just want to sprint, go to start going to the right, and then jump—just kind of something like this. This will have an invisible wall on it, so you just want to make sure that you are pointing in the middle, and then you can just hop over the fence right here. I'm not going to do it because I'm actually going to show you another way of getting in, but you can hop over those yellow-like blanket-looking things.

The other way, which is a much easier way, is to go over here to this other side where you see this pole, like the thing that lets you in and out, and then you're just going to do it. You're going to wait until you hit one footstep. You're going to jump over there, and you're going to spam jump, and you're going to land over.

There, it can be a little bit finicky, but generally, it's quite easy. You just got to make sure that you do hit jump when you like; you're essentially trying to hop almost, but yeah, you want to make sure that you jump when you land there. You go you see, now that I'm over here, it's just a case of jumping over there, which I have somehow failed.

I guess not getting my Sprint on there are other ways to actually end up on there as well, and even on there. The other way that I found was that if you manage to get on here, you can force it to mle you if you get your Sprint on time. You then just jump over to those boxes, and you essentially do the skipping stone thing again.


And yeah, it kind of glitched me out there for some reason, but the reason I couldn't get over this wall like I would normally be able to is because there are two invisible walls over the entirety of each storage yard. From the beginning of the game, it's not until you actually hack the PC to find out which storage yard you need to go in that those invisible walls disappear, and you can do this.

This is also the time when you get the option to set up a zip line and get in that way. This is just an optional way to get in, but there you go. Now, before I go into that storage guard, I'm going to make sure I have both the QR codes. An important tip is that the QR codes on this heist always spawn on the same guards; they will spawn on the east guard and the west guard, and these are the two guards that will just roam in front of the gate.


Now I do want to set the zip line up just because. While we can get into the yard without it. I'm trying to get all the loot on this run, and it's just easier to be able to send all the bags over and on the zip line, so you can take that, but now if we try this, it should have been unlocked. Yeah, there you go.

Now there's no invisible wall here, so there you go. There will be a lot of guards roaming around here, so you do have to be quite careful. I've got to play dominance. Actually, before I do too much over here, one of these guards has the blue key card, and exactly for that reason. That reason is why I'm going to go and seek him out.

And unless you're playing on very hard or overkill difficulty, it is actually just a smarter move to not kill the camera guy and instead to just shoot out the cameras and take out the guards that are roaming through there instead. Wait, can I jump over to this? no, surely we can grab on from here.

officer noodles

Yeah, okay, good to know this is so boring. I just called to say, This is boring. I'm finally back here, and essentially, when you get to the end, you're just going to go in and out of the escape area, and this theoretically gives you a ridiculous amount of weapons. XP, and you got to remember this: this shotgun is level one.

Right, I've customized it, but it's level one. I have not actually gained even a single level on it, so it should be a good indicator. As to how much XP you can get just by doing this, just going to keep going in, I don't know how many more times, and there you go; that should be enough. We'll stop there and the heist, and hopefully that is a lot of weapons.

XP UNL all mods to a primary weapon I got the achievement for, so it seems to be level 17 15K XP new mods unlocked, so it should have worked. That's ridiculous leave a like on the article. Have a great day, peace.

Crazy PAYDAY 3 Glitches. In this video I showcase a weapon xp exploit and some strats and jumpsshortcuts I use on the 99 Boxes heist.
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