Could This Save Payday 3


Recently, they shared the US list of what they've been working on for about a month. This is their post on their plans going forward; it's like a road map of everything that will be coming into Pay3 in the future. They're also calling this plan operation medic bag, and seeing how the state pay3 is in it really does need medic bags.

Let's see what they're going to be working on. Last month, we shared a short update letting you know that we were working on an updated, comprehensive road map of what we were doing for Pay 3 over the course of 2012. Summarizing all the feedback from our community, we have identified what we believe to be some of the most impactful changes to Pay 3.

Listing them in this post, making Pay Lev up to community expectations is a major project for our studio, so we're grateful to have you along for the ride, and this is all the improvements they plan on making for 2024. It goes from progression to new content. UI revamp, stability, matchmaking, and server browser solo mode and offline mode, and then their initial focus is the quick play unready button, play again feature vote to kick-load out renaming controller improvements.


reoccurring smaller content drops, rotating self-modifiers, reoccurring smaller content drops, daily activity rewards Mass vendor with weekly rotating inventory merges players into party postmatch and communication wheel improvements, and at the very bottom, in very small text, they say additional details on what's coming in midterm and long-term will be published later.

I don't know why they put it in small text. We do want to tackle the biggest T brought up by the Bet3 community headon. As such, we put together a list of what we have identified as key areas of improvement, along with short descriptions. You might as well read them. Thing up in solo mode and offline mode It is clear to us that the community wants the ability to pay D reliably and on their own terms.

In order to meet that need, we will be making two major changes to their current implementation. First, we'll be developing a Sal solo mode you can get into without going through the matchmaking flow. This will be a local game on your own machine, thereby circumventing the need to connect to a server.


You will see this being rolled out in two phases. Phase one will still require an online connection to our backend systems for progression unlocks. Etc., phase two will look to improve the solo mode implications and allow you to play the game without requiring a constant internet connection. You will need to connect to our back end to upload your progression, but you will otherwise be able to play offline.

We'll need to come back with details on exactly how this will pan out, so it's going to take two phases for us to get into offline mode. I hope it doesn't take them that long, and the next one is stability in matchmaking and server browsers. The topic of Corop Play is that our matchmaking isn't doing a good job of bringing people together.

We have a number of social and cooperative features planned for the year, as well as rebuilding our matchmaking functionality. Into a much more Rebus system until those features are implemented, the current matching will be supported by quickplay functionality, ensuring you can reliably play with other players later in the year.

co op

Now is challenge-based progression based on your feedback. As part of our replayability and progression initiative, our current challenge-based progression didn't achieve the goals we set, so we decided to do away with the current system.

The challenges will be removed, and the infancy progression will be tied to high completion. Part of this will be revisiting all the current highest payout values, adding scaling per bag secured for infinite points, and also adding a new bonus that awards loud play styles. The existing challenge framework would be intended to give cosmetic rewards for hard-core accomplishments.

Instead, thank God. First. I didn't mind it in the beginning, but then over time. I just hated having to look back at my challenges every time I finish the heist, then trying to see how much more I have to do since that was the only way to rank up. Not only that, there are still some challenges that aren't even tracking for me, and it's been five months since the game came out.


Now it's time for the UI revamp. We'll be working on creating a more intuitive UI that better explains what's happening around the player, as well as including a simplified friends menu and a menu UI that better communicates with heists in theme. We'll be rolling out improvements and eventually reamplifying most of the current UI in 2024.

All right, so that's why I'm changing the UI now for new content. In addition, we intend to deliver on and expand our promises for new content. There are three DLCs still planned for 2024, and we intend to add another free heist for $3. In the same period, we'll also be rolling out skill LS cosmetic items that reward a free lmg, a primary, and much more throughout the year, so we're getting lmg as a primary.


Hopefully, we can aim down so it's unlik pay too, but I don't know they probably keep it the same, so we're getting three DLC's, and we're getting one free heist in the same period, so in total we'll probably get six highs for the rest of 2024. I know the three DLC highs are going to be new highs, but I also wonder if these free heists are just going to be legacy heists like them, just bringing back old heists from Pay 2.

I kind of hope it isn't. I kind of hope the free heist is actually a new heist. I kind of wish they clarified on that. Speaking of the DLC pricing, we received feedback regarding the DLC pricing not meeting player expectations. As a result, we are currently reviewing the pricing for upcoming DLCs.

Yeah, I don't know about paint, the weapon pack, the tailor pack, and the DLC's highest map for $70. It sounds a little bit too much, but we're glad they are reviewing it. Hopefully, these next prices aren't ridiculous. In this game store, did they even mention this? post up here. No, they didn't even mention the ING game store.


I'm surprised they mention it in this post. Once we are satisfied with the improvements we intend to make, we will revisit the topic in 2025. I mean, there's no one that I can milk money off of. I'm pretty sure they're going to get everyone ready because, at some point, it is going to come in the game.

Now that they mentioned the Unreal 5 engine, we have allocated the resources dedicated to the Unreal Engine 5 update to instead work on the improvements to the pay-through experience since the UA5 update will directly fix the current problems. We'll come back to this topic once we're able to, so the delaying of the update for the Unreal 5 engine.

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