Can You 'knock Out' Every Civilian Payday 3 Without Alerting The Guards


So earlier, I made three freaking articles in a row where I couldn't kill anything, and now I am really tired of it. This time, I'll be going in the complete opposite direction. This time I'll be baiting Payday 3 while killing every single Civ I can without raising the alarm. First, according to the rules, a completed run means wiping out every single Civ or remaining in stealth, but this has a notable exception: some maps with infinite spawns, no matter how long I stayed, never stopped coming.

This does make me curious about how long you can extend a given Neoiations, but that's not the article we're making today. On maps with infinite spawns, only the inside of the building must be cleared. Some maps, like no rest and thein spawns, must also enter the building. I will take out as many of these as I can, but at a certain point I need to actually finish the mission too.

Other than that, the only rule is that I can't disable any guards. I can kill them, and I can start a search. I'm just not allowed to intentionally disable their AI or trap them in a way they can't get out of two more quick things. There's no difficulty requirement for this challenge, so some mass will be done on normal and some will be done on overkill.


Doing some of these maps and Overkill sounds like a nightmare when I indulge in them, should there be enough support for them, but not alone. That's right, for the first time in one of these articles, I won't be taking on the challenge alone. I'll introduce the rest of the gang as they join in, but I've kept you waiting long enough, so let's get started with no rest for the wicked.

To be clear, I'm going to be skipping over a lot more in this article than I have in others. Some of these maps took over a dozen hours to complete, and I need to actually get this article done, so I'll mainly cover successful runs while holling strategies as we go along. I'm not used to playing this game on a normal basis and was surprised to find the door to the employee area unlocked.

Both because of this and because of my impatience, when I got caught by a guard, I opted to just mask up and start clearing the first floor employee area. I killed everyone except for the executive I found in the manager's office, then found the door to the second floor was completely unlocked.


What even is this difficulty, next I took out the second floor guard followed by the people in the cubicle room the roof guard apparently didn't show up today so I guess I could just leave these guys here with the second floor cleared the only area I have left to do is the lobby, the only reason it's even possible to do this section is you can close the windows down which the guards don't find suspicious for some reason I also wouldn't be able to risk shotting sips down, shouting jumps from sip to and can even pass through these windows meaning if I shout it can easily escalate to the street which I can only handle if I get lucky before worrying about any of that however I baited the garden to the back area and took him out then finally entered the lobby for the moment of truth.

I'm honestly not even sure I managed to pull off this particular run. I totally forgot to shoot the cameras before I entered the lobby, but somehow I pulled it off even after alerting two people outside. I did forget to clear out the people behind the cubicle wall, but they eventually came out on their own to remind me.

With the lobby secured, I moved all the bodies away from the front door, giving me more time to react should anyone come inside. My next objective was to complete the objective. I grabbed the executive I saved earlier, scanned his eye, and then reunited him with his lost co-workers. At this point, the parking lot guard called for a search.

I genuinely don't know why he did this, but it surprisingly didn't kill the run, so I just went with it. I acted on the manager's PC, which for some reason was just left in the middle of the boardroom, and got into the vault. I finally managed to record myself toing seven diebacks and on a successful run too.

I really am good at this YouTube stuff, even though I don't need it. I brought the stack of Canadian cash too, for all time sake, and with that, I was finally ready to leave. So, of course, someone discovered the massacre in the lobby right as I left. I'm still counting this as a win, but that is annoying.

So at first, I wasn't sure what to expect on dirty ice, but I figured at least the front area would be a pain, so this run I took it on as normal. It didn't take me long to realize just how easy this decision would make this mission, so on top of the four pages you get on normal, you can also afford to miss one, causing the other guards to go into a search.

Usually Rock the Cradle would be next, but I've decided I'd rather save that one for later. Instead, we move on to under the surface, which I won't spend much time on since there are only two saves in the entire building. I did this map on Overkill, by the way, though it didn't make things much harder.

I took out the manager while he was in his office and dragged the janitor over to the break room along with the guard, who caught me in the process. Not too long after that. I secured the required paintings and beat surface on my first try. Golden Sharks, and for this one. I'll be joined by Wacky, a Spartan, my gaming SL romantic partner, yes, in that order.

It wasn't long before we made our way through the gate and into the vault lobby, where we experienced somewhat of a culture shock per se. We are used to a garden, the vault lobby, and switch boxes together to cross the second floor, but on normal, the guard took the day off, and the boxes are all located in the vault lobby itself.

I killed the camera operator, and we moved on to the second floor. We managed to mess up with both of the guards, meaning we were already down three pages. This is actually a really big problem. There are three guards in the lobby, meaning we can't afford to take them all down. This ultimately was our demise.

I tried to keep the guards distracted while Wacky cleared the lobby, but eventually they stopped going to investigate the exact same sound in the exact same place over and over again. Our second run didn't last long before Wack got caught committing a crime, and we decided it wasn't worth continuing while the guards were searching.

Amateur, on our third run, I flipped the wrong switch and started a search. always ironically undercut me. Don't you, Universe, our for-run is where we started taking things seriously. I didn't kill the camera operator this time, instead using the bag trick; this saves us a pager. Meanwhile, wacky weeping is a strategy we use pretty often: baiting.

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