Can You Ghost Stealth Payday 3 Without Perks Or Equipment



So earlier I made two articles in a row where I didn't kill anything, and now I am tired of it, so this time. I'll be doing it again. The rules are simple, but not easy. Ghost stealth means no one can see me commit any crimes; I can't cause a search; I can't take any hostages or kill anyone again; and I also can't use lures or the bag trick.

I want to complete all stealable heists and ghost stealth with zero perks, unlocked heavy armor, equipped with unsuppressed weapons, and with frag grenades and Sentry turrets as my equipment.

No rest for the wicked

Those last few don't really make a difference so I just thought they were apt , let's start with no rest for the wicked usually this map doesn't give me any trouble but this challenge actually Rams things up quite a bit first off without grifter it's a lot harder to get through the private areas on the first and second floors undetected by cameras no grifter also means I'll have to wait for the perfect opportunity to perform certain actions to avoid being seen by any employees, and to top it all off there's a camera that always spawns just outside the Vault area somewhere I'll be spending a lot of time while trying to force the code but enough crying about the self-imposed rules let's actually get started on the mission, my first attempt started surprisingly well I made it to the second floor and got into the power room relatively painlessly, but I did get caught on my way down I decided to use this to my advantage by opening the lobby side door instead of the inner one hoping it would make hiding from the employee who comes around and new fail codes easier then I immediately forgot this plan and opened the employee side door too.

Classic ADHD moment, this with a point where I realized just how much this challenge is going to suck on this map the camera is only able to see me when changing positions but it does that often enough that forceing the code is going to take forever especially when I immediately forgot to hide from the employee and lose the run just toed codes in, classic ADHD moment my second run immediately gave me more trouble when I got caught by a guard before even making it to the stairs, then again soon after getting to the second floor I was hoping if the guard looked this way that he'd be so distracted by the beauty of the American flag that he' overlooked me entirely, but this man overcame his patriotism in the name of wearing a away at my patience even more I tried to stall him by hitting him in the face of the door running past while he was distracted, but this man's laser focus screwed me over once again and he caught me immediately.

It was worth a try. I guess or maybe, in hindsight, this wasn't a great plan. I tailed him back upstairs and looped around to try to get to the power room, but managed to get caught by a camera. I thought I could use this to my advantage since I knew the guard would Wander over there and I figured I'd have time to open the power room anide the hack before he got suspicious and called for a search, but once again this man's unshakable dedication to [ __ ] me over went out and I lost the run on my third run I felt like a super spy when I slipped past the hallway guard while he was spinning in a circle then felt like a dumbass when I ran face first into the lead guard in the stairway door then the lead guard absolutely outplayed Me by breaking his pathf finding and standing directly in the middle of the stairway door for over a minute, this is actually a problem I have pretty commonly with the lead guard but usually it's in a less inconvenient location.

Eventually I decided to just let him hang out there and go around to the roof, but he outplayed me yet again when he figured out how to walk just in time to catch me on the stairs. I tried to tail him back upstairs but was caught by the hallway guard pretty much immediately. I tailed him and finally managed to get to the stairs, and this is where I realized I'd forgotten to pick up the QR code.

I picked it up and almost managed to get to the door before the lead guard came down to [__] with me again. I tried hiding at the bottom of the stairwell but completely forgot that this is somewhere the lead guard actually hangs out now, ever since I got an anti-depressant. I haven't really had much gamer rage, but at this point I was seething.

You can tell because when the lead guard told me to stay out in restricted areas, I shook my head at him instead of my usual nodding. With 1% of my patients remaining, I made it to the second-floor FL and got CAU while hiding in another corner the guards actually walked to. After almost 10 minutes, I finally made it to the spot where I was on my first attempt in a quarter of that time and was finally able to input the third code.

This time I paid more attention to the hallway marking the employee and knew he would be coming out to check the vault, or thought I knew. Thankfully, in a slight turn of luck, the code is only the fourth one I tried, so even though I got caught, I now know the code. I'm nearly two pages into the script, and I'm only on the first mission.

Speedrun time was caught, and I forgot the QR key card power room CAU. 30 seconds waiting to open the door, Canadian gash, four entire minutes spent moving back to the van, I saw a woman and identically dressed Chlo hanging out on a couch. No rest for the wicked was, well, we've talked enough about it; I think let's just move on. Wait, we can skip road rage; this is the best T I've done so far.

Dirty ice

Dirty ice

In context, before dirty ice, no rest for the wicked was recorded before the patch dropped, while everything else was recorded afterwards, although I don't think it had basically any effect on the challenge. I won't waste much time on dirty ice since we all know it can be done pretty easily.

I had to spend a lot more time than usual sitting and waiting for things to line up but that's standard for this run I only had one failed attempt when I forgot to check for the employee before entering the VIP area but other than that it was a smooth ride until I finished securing all the VIP bags at this point I realized I'd need to secure merch from the front to get enough money to end the level, thankfully this wasn't actually as hard as I expected it to be I mainly just had to wait for the observe tag to disappear and be careful when choosing what merch to go after, it was a tedious process but it was also an easy one and soon I was leaving dirty ice with a bare minimum required loot .

Rock the cradle

Rock the cradles next, and it's another map I won't spend too much time on. I tried using the additional secure point for the first time and couldn't manage to get the bags into the vent without the ability to jump. Obviously, it wasn't worth masking up, so in the end, the favor was totally useless.

After two going two entire videos without killing anything, I'm here today to. Do it again, I guess. Don't worry, I'll more than make up for it next week.
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