Can You Complete Payday 3 Without Killing Anyone. Part 1 (reupload)

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Hello and welcome to Payday 3 Holy. Moly, it is finally here, and I've been having a blast playing this game. This game is what I expected, and moreover, these heists are fresh and feel really good, even if they are just remakes of the original heists from Payday 2, such as jewelry store, bank armor transport, and art gallery, but they're fun nonetheless.


Me and Chat have been having an amazing time playing through this game story, which is quite decent but still fresh and new, and I also love how you can do so much stuff in casing mode. I've already done a 12 episode series on YouTube trying to complete Payday 2 without killing anyone and I thought why not do that again for this game but before we begin let's go over the rules rule one, not to kill anyone at all which is you know stated in the name rule two, stealth where possible as stealth is an extra Challenge and I like challenges, three use AI to kill enemies if possible four if a kill is committed I will need to restart the heist five play on the hardest difficulty for stealth while loud can be done on hard difficulty until I get better skills, and six also I cannot subdue enemies at the moment as it kills them they might change this in the future I don't know just putting this rule here just in case without further Ado here are my skills for the stealth build infiltrator a for movement.

Quick fingers for quicker lockpicking, and baggers for quicker bagging of loot. Escapist basics for more movement basic manipulator for faster hostage taking and overbearing for intimidation of civilians. And for now, basic grifter, walk the walk, and social engineering for being able to be invisible to cameras and civilians while in private areas When I level up and get more skills.

I will address them, and for the weapons, there is no concealment level, which I think is quite nice. I'm using a car 4 modded for stealth, a signature 40 modded for stealth, and the motion sensor tool to help me. Mark NPCs, and for loud, my skills are and are prone to change: basic medic for additional charges in the medic bag, and steady hands for extra healing.

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basic mower just to unlock reloading when sprinting basic tank for faster armor regen and Hardy to reduce the effect of stuns basic Escapist and Swift for extra movement speed while masked basic manipulator for hostages silver tongue to use guards as additional hostages, and menacing for being able to make swats surrender and use them as hostages for loud weapons.

Nothing really can be used as a nonviolent weapon like the bow I used in Payday 2, so for now I'm just using an SMG and a pistol, Flashbang as my throwable, and cameras as my tool. I won't be using my Overkill weapon for obvious reasons. Now, without further ado, let's do this. The gang has been brought back together by a former friend of Bane called Shade.

She's been part of crime for a long time, and she informs the gang that all of their assets have been frozen due to some type of organization. Who wants the payday gang dead? So in order to find out who and why we need funding, we're better off getting funding than a bank, so Slade informs us of a branch bank with a lot of cash inside, and despite the holiday the gang has been on since the ending of Payday 2, there is no rest for the wicked.


I make my way to the bank, and once inside, I need to locate a power switch and disable the security system. I also swipe a key card off a guard and find a phone, which I need to hack to get access to the second floor. After making my way to the server room and disabling the security system, I also find out which cable needs to be cut.

I make my way to the vault entrance, open the box, and cut the green wire. Then I make my way to the vault door and put in the code. Now you're probably asking, How did you know the code? Well, dear viewer, this is hell. Kills slade is impressed by my passive ability, and with the heist we just pulled off, she also introduces us to a new Heiser called Pearl, who is a legend in the crime world.

Pear and Joy meet with Shayu; she was a contractor on Payday 2 and gave us the mountain. Master Heist also gives us a job here to complete. It's an armored truck housing some precious and expensive minerals, and we are going to take them. After arriving on the bridge, I have 90 seconds to secure hostages and find the crates with an EMP and a steering device.


Once I secured some hostages, the truck approached, and I laid down the EMP. Once the EMP went off, the truck stopped, and I placed the steering device on it. Now it was time to escort the truck. I'm not a fan of payday escort missions such as Greenbridge or Heat Street, but anyway, after walking the truck to a ramp, I placed a drill on the bottom of the truck as it has a weak point.

I bagged some of the minerals and some bonus money, then the assault really kicked in and things became hectic. It's actually quite tough when you can't shoot back at them, and there are no conversion skills, so that adds an additional layer of difficulty to this challenge. Once I secured the bags, the Escape was available, and so I ran to it and finished Road Rage with zero kills, and this ends the episode.

If you're interested in this game, just get it; it's fun, but if you want to watch me play it.

I have no flipping clue as to why the video cut out and was mentioning Payday 2, what the flip. Hey hey hey, welcome back. Its time for Payday 3, this game is really a game which came out this year.
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