Can You Actually Beat Payday 3 Without Killing Anyone



So earlier, I lied to you guys. I made a article claiming to be a no-kill challenge, but it was actually a no-kill human challenge. This time around, I'll be including pigs in my do not kill list, along with a few other changes to the rules. Obviously, rule number one is no killing, but this only means ending someone's life.

Unlike last time, I can take hostages, shoot people if it doesn't kill them, and hack radios. It's not all upsides, though this time around I won't be allowed to bring the secure loot perk or any perks from the grifter tree. Last time, these perks made certain missions trivial to G stealth, so they won't be allowed.

No rest for the wicked

Here, no rest for the wicked is up first. My first attempt was going quite well. I was caught a few times as I made my way upstairs, mostly because I was very used to cameras not seeing me with grifter, but was ultimately able to shut down power to the door and drag an executive downstairs without being spotted.

I also took a second to walk in front of the camera operator. Since this is the one security room marked only as a private area, he'll just escort you out and then never do his job again. I scanned his eye, tied him up in a spot I've never had a guard see, and headed upstairs. Surprisingly, I was able to check the code without locking the room down, which was very convenient.

I headed it back down to the vault and typed in the code. This time I was almost more successful with the die pads but apparently failed to fully finish one of them before I moved on and once again ended up with Canadian cash. I was about to start moving bags towards the hallway when something unexpected happened: the hallway guard actually noticed my hostage.

I ran over before he could raise the alarm and used the first tool I expected this run to lean on the menacing perk I've heard people say can use it to take one guard Hostage to avoid killing them but actually the one enemy limit only applies to swats you can take as many guards and even First Responders hostage as you want anyways feeling rather smart I started moving the two hostages into the Vault when the executive suddenly got up and sprinted away from me I decided to just call it here and try again, already armed with the code I figured this one would be a Bree since I could just get the Vault open and Walt out the front door this plan was foiled pretty much immediately when I forgot I didn't have grifter and picked a lock right in front of an employee.

I took her hostage and decided to continue the run. I got upstairs and opted to take the camera operator hostage. I'm aware of the hacket smash exploit, but I'm just choosing not to use it for this challenge. Anyway, I shot off the door's power and failed to disable seven die packs again. I swear, I get this pretty off when I'm not recording.

I just can't prove it because I'm not recording. I played it a little fast and loose by transporting the first bag down the hall right between the hallways in lead guard and surprisingly didn't get [__] over for it; instead. I got [__] over when I stashed bags midway down the hall. I was banking on how unobservant the guards tend to be, but this one chose today to be the day he'd actually be good at his job.

This decision landed him as my third hostage Tak in this run. This especially stinks because I was hoping to use my last pager to take the alleyway guard hostage. Instead, I had to sit and wait for him to finally leave so I could secure the bag at the end of the run. No Rest wasn't too complicated but was a lot more challenging without camera loops. Luckily, the next map won't have that problem, although I expect I'll have bigger ones.

Road rage

Road rage

Road rage is the map I was most worried about from the get-go; not only is it loud, it's also road. Rage, [__] road rage. Just like last time. I'll be giving myself a bit of a break and playing the map very hard instead of Overkill.

Since my last article I found out a few ways to complete road rage solo Overkill but it really turns the map into a test of patience more than anything, well more so than road rage always is even not an Overkill not killing anything that's going to make this map a lot harder luckily I have one Saving Grace by holding a hostage while also using the perk that makes you immune to stuns if you have both grid and Edge you can turn yourself into a wall just make sure if you use this strategy to bring a away to gain Edge unlike I did my first run one loaded adjustment later and I'm ready to start trying for real, sadly my luck wasn't having any of it and I managed to let a SI Escape before the EMP was ready, this really isn't the section of the map I was expecting to be struggling on my third attempt I actually managed to complete the first objective, as the truck started inching forward I picked up my hostage and became the wall I was always meant to be, this is where I met the first major pain in the ass at this run, snipers.

The snipers on this and most other maps sit outside the bot's engagement range, meaning they literally can't defend themselves from them. Usually, this means you have to kill them yourself, but this time it means I need to stand in between them and the bots as often as possible. I was thinking about all this when I accidentally let my grandmother and Edge run out, but when I went to get my gritty bag by picking up a hostage, something strange happened for nearly 25 seconds.

I got stuck vibrating against the truck as I slowly drove by, and when it was finally over, I pulled the hostage I'd been trying to pick up from inside the vehicle. I guess he was the real prize we were after all along. I'm actually inclined to believe the hostage was the one responsible for this reality-breaking event because something similar happened right after I was enjoying watching the cops effectively pistle with me, especially this incredibly eager one, but I ended up getting distracted and falling into a hole.

If you don't know, you can't walk out of these potholes while holding a hostage, so I had no choice but to make a run for the South Secure Point and hold out for the wave to be over. When it finally did, I flashbanged and intimidated a hostage rescue SWAT, something I at least found to be quite funny.

Then, I accidentally tred him for a health pack while trying to order him to follow me to make things worse, then said something that struck true fear into my heart. Be careful; they're deploying cloakers. I had not thought about cloakers yet, but I instantly knew they were going to become a nuisance.

In my experience, bots are really bad at saving you from cloakers, plus if the bots happen to all be dead. I'll have no way to defend myself other than my flashbangs and one precious charge of disengagement. I flashbanged another cop and used him as a shield, but after a while, the bots killed him while they were still in my arms.

I'm here to redeem myself after having lied to everyone during my last video, today, for real this time, I will be finding out if you can beat Payday 3 without killing anyone.
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