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Hello, in this article, we're going to be going over how you can brute force a code lock on high that has them. We'll go over how to do it, the cost in terms of time, and why you might find it easier to brute force the code rather than doing objectives. It is viable, and in terms of forcing the code, it is incredibly easy to do it yourself.

We just approach the codepad, take a look at what numbers have fingerprints on them, and then we use these numbers to figure out the code. Now, to make it a little bit easier on yourself. There are currently five heists on the game's board in codelocks. No rest for the wicked, dirty eyes, rocket cradle, golden shark, and touch the sky I'll be talking a little bit about which heist I'd recommend you know about roof forcing on and which you kind of just want to do normally, and just a second.

If we're talking from a solar perspective. I'd argue that the only highs worth root forcing are going to be no rest of the wicked and touching the sky, and for a team with two or more players, you could add a golden shark. The reason for this is actually incredibly simple; we'll be going over them in order, so let's just start with no rest for the wicked.


So in no rest for the wicked, after we get into the safe room, we are required to get the manager to scan his eyes, but in reality, we can actually start putting in the codes there. Now, getting the manager, particularly in Overkill difficulty, from the second floor can be a bit of a pain in the butt.

And if we consider that the code LS for Rest Wick only takes 10 seconds to set, the reset times are kind of different for every heist. 10 seconds to reset with 36 combinations, that takes around 6 minutes. Of course, we need to add a couple of seconds to each attempt just for you to put in numbers, so let's say it takes you 7 to 8 minutes with 36 combinations.

At the most, that's going to be the longest you'll be spending brute force in the code on average. This is going to be a far smaller number, particularly if you take into consideration that 14 attempts 10 seconds per attempt is 2 minutes, 20 seconds again. Just add another 20 seconds, so with two numbers, the most would be at 240.

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And, with, , with four numbers it'd be about 4 minutes but this is the longest on average though you're going to end up with half of these numbers so let's say that for the two numbers you're probably going to end up with around 60 to 70 seconds, 70 80 let's be generously on average for the 4 numbers making the code it's going to take you a little bit over two minutes and for three numbers making up the code youd spend around three and a half minutes getting the codes on average so you can either go up and get the manager pull him back down go up get the code again or we can just root Force which on average, will be pretty quick just two to 3 minutes, and again you could have longer ones but that is 7 minutes.

Tops, and the second benefit of doing it like this is that we will have no need to mask up, so we can just walk out the front door with our bags, and that also makes extract a lot quicker. We touch the sky. The second heist that I would recommend brute forcing on is a little bit different; the cool down there is twice as long, meaning that we spend upwards of 14 or so minutes if we are really unlucky with a 36.

Combo, but the reason why I recommend brute forcing it there, is straight up because you can actually get around Mason, if you do the heist normally you are at one point going to need to get Mason into the , into the Panic Room by Brute Force ing the height you can actually skip Mason alt together and just get into the Vault take the SSD bring it over and then get out so as long as you're not planning on using Mason for anything brute forcing can be rather reliable in just getting that done and particularly in Overkill difficulty it can be very beneficial to do so with the amount of guards, and you know other elements being annoying but again that is mostly an Overkill difficulty thing, now as I said for Golden shark I'd recommend as I said BR for code if you are more than well two or more the reason for this is fairly simple the code is gained by getting into the server room then the it room then back to the server room doesn't take too long but again the code cool down here is also fairly long at 20 seconds, so you can understand why I don't really recommend it if you're doing it.

Solo for dirty ice, we don't really want to brute force the Cod log because it's down into the basement. In the basement, we need two things: we want to get the power off, and the codes are fairly easy to get anyways on dirty eyes. And also, we do want to get down there quick if we want to catch the manager, who will leave.

Bruce's code could take longer than the time we have for the manager to stay, which could, of course, negatively affect your heist. Now on Rock the Cradle, it's kind of the same deal as dirty ice. The code is fairly easy to get; it's always in the accounts office. In the VA, you can use brute force if you want to, but honestly.

I'd recommend just getting into Count's office and getting the crypto wallet while you're at it, and as I said, the only really high side recommends brute force on it's probably just no rest for the wicked. And as I said, touch this guy if you feel the need, but brute force can be a good tool if you feel you're stuck; it'll make your life a little bit easier.

But that is my quick guide to the hope you have enjoyed. I would be very grateful if you'd enjoyed this guide. I learned something; please like and subscribe, as it helps me out a ton. And I'll be having more payday content guides and heist articles coming out in the future, so keep your eyes out for those.Bye-bye.

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