Brother. Some Bettel And Twobert Moments Payday 3


It's your birthday today. Happy birthday greeting! It's a spooky birthday. Yeah, no, I don't know. Do you have anything? He doesn't do voices—something that's truly scary. I can pretend to be an agent for the IRS or something. You don't want to scare them too much, but you can't go ahead. Go ahead if you want.

I mean, I bet you know what an agent of the IRS says: You're under arrest. You're going to be under arrest. Put your hands up in three days. You're under arrest. You filed your W-2 wrong. You owe us a thousand dollars. Hopefully, that was scary enough, guys. Welcome to Payday 3 again. Dear everyone, Bell 2 is my fraternal twin brother, who I've talked about non-stop, actually, as a twin brother.

Maybe I got it across enough because it's like somehow people still don't know who the [__] you are and what your problem is, all right? I don't even know. Sometimes you sound so tired when I hear my scraggly voice. Hell yeah, you're going to need to if we're going to start doing these. You're going to need to wake up before 2 p.m.

payday 3

I work you know, I got home at midnight yesterday. I was really sleepy at 2 PM. The real you knows the spooky season of October 1st for a lot of people, you know, for people's parents. It's like, you know, a child born that's terrifying. When we were AK, I couldn't jump without my mask off. He just doesn't say a thing.

Notice that I just did that for 30 seconds. It's the most second-nature normal thing. Why are they in white tank tops doing that? Yeah, I don't know; they need to look cooler. That's not why they're wearing full-length pants that are fashionable or sexy. I look like that coming off my shift. All right, did you ever find the I, brother, murder this man, brother, hang on?

I'm opening something for you, brother. Murder this man, brother. I need you to murder that bouncer, but make sure that no one sees it happen. Trust me, no one will see it. This guy saw that guy saw it it. It's okay it's under control. Yeah, hang on. Yep, yep hang on; yes, I trust you. I trust you.

I trust this one's on the phone. Now we're here, so this is my kind of club. I, believe Yeah. I was. I was the failed clone, which sounds cool because I was second before in the second you think there was more no what do you mean what you just don't know who is developed first, how do you know because I came second I was the second a second so wouldn't I be the failed clone No, maybe you're the failed clone.

Maybe I'm the perfect one and you were, and that's why I'm second because you failed you failed you failed Clan core activated; okay, I'll come over here in the stairwell. I'm still looking for a cute car. Are you an idiot? find it faster, you're right. I'm an idiot. Why are you doing up there?

goofball Hey, are you doing my [__] job? I was waiting. I want to enjoy myself if I feel like If I feel like a disgusting piece of [__] I'm not enjoying myself; I just don't look at this question as a piece of [__]. Pretty easy Actually, this is such a bad argument from you. I expect a lot. I expect more.

hey, is he not here where the ready-up is? No, you need to be ready. I'm ready it says you're not ready. It says you're not ready. Wait, what are you ready to say? I'm not ready. I used the computer in there, but it didn't work. I couldn't use it again. I couldn't, I couldn't, okay, Jesus, you have to believe me the first time or I'm going to get mad.

I've done that five different times, and the camera never cared when I did that. I could find her, yeah, okay, and you please give me an actual answer. I'm waiting for God. You can see her father. I said, Do you have to wait? Hold on, it's gone. Why did you count? Why did that set the alarm off?

I hate battles over getting on YouTube. Relax well i want everyone to understand that it's not that we couldn't complete it; it was that we wanted to complete it specifically. I think they get it. Don't worry; they got it. Then no one thinks you're an idiot. My back hurts. This is actually normal content; we couldn't do anything the entire time, and it was pretty much like a failure.

Yeah, so then it's time to get some girl dinner. Right, it's time for some girl dinner, holy [__]. It's girl dinner time, all right. Let's go get the girls

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