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All right, so it looks like we actually got an update to Payday 3, not in the game, but from the developers; it's a blog post on their website now. Before we get into that, I just want to say, Yeah, I know I said I was going to cover more Payday 3, but I'll be honest. I kind of forgot about it.

So now that I'm kind of returning to Payday 3 a little bit. I do want to start playing that game more to get more of an opinion on it, because right now I've only played maybe 5 hours of the game, and a lot of it was just trying to find games to play. Hopefully, whenever this next update comes out, things will get a bit smoother.

I'll be able to find more games, and I'll be able to actually give a solid opinion about Payday 3. We'll get back to what we're talking about here. It looks like this whole update delay and the silence from the studio are due to some sort of bug or something with the patch pipeline. Let me go ahead and just read the blog post here for you guys.

Blog post


We've been quiet over the last few days, and for that, we apologize. It's not easy to communicate when we have not been able to offer any updates. On the one big topic that's on everyone's mind right now, when are the patches coming to Payday 3 the spider silence We want to assure you all that the team is working on our main priority, which is to get the patch we promised out to you to make sure our patching process allows us to continue publishing them at a steady pace in the future.

We know it stinks to keep hearing the same thing, so allow us to lift the curtains a little and give you some insight on what the team is working on right now. The patch has been sent off and is currently going through testing and certification. Process: we have made the commitment to our players to keep parody between all platforms, so this is an important part of that process, so I guess they're sending off a build to Sony.

dev update

Microsoft, and. I guess. Valve. I don't know if Valve cares, though honestly, the reason it has taken so long to get the first patch ready is very long and complicated, but the short version is that we discovered critical errors with our update pipeline shortly after the game was released. At least there was a significant risk of player progression being wiped if we didn't address this and ensure a solid test environment.

Thank God they didn't rush this. I know it wouldn't have mattered for me because I think I'm only level 10 or something like that, but I've seen people hit like 100 already, and that would suck for those people. We see a lot of your feedback about the progression system. Our designers are looking at how the system can be adapted to balance both the challenge system as well as offering infamy points for each heist, and we'll come back with more information on what this looks like soon.

Once we can consistently deliver patches, the team will also deliver on our plans for more content for the game. Expect to see free content updates for the game before the end of the year. We'll share more information on what these will be when we get there again. We apologize for our silence. We see your frustration and anger, and we can assure you that this is not a situation we want to be in. The team is working hard on a game that will be supported for years to come, making Payday 3 the new Criminal Dawn, so There you have it.

Focus points

Focus points

That is our update now. Here's what I wanted to focus on with this blog post, specifically. It looks like they already have something sent off to Sony, Microsoft, and Valve, so I would expect an update to come out relatively soonish.

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If I had to wager a guest, let me just say I'm not a professional by any means. I don't know what game development looks like, but if I had to make a guess, I would say we might see something as soon as next week. I'm starting to feel a little bit more confident about this game, though I am still kind of on the side of the fans about only having the eight heists at launch; that's just me.

I personally would have liked to have seen something closer. 20 heists were maybe the first Three to five were traditional Smash and Grabs, kind of like four stores or the first heist in Payday 3, but that's just me again. I'm just throwing stuff out there just to kind of give you a small idea of what I'm thinking about Payday 3 right now.

Once I get more game time in with it, I'll have a full first impression. On it, I wouldn't call it a review, but just the first impressions. But for some of these heists, I just don't know what they do. You know, I would like to get more comfortable with the game by having those Smash and Grab-type heists in the beginning, but you know, it is what it is.

I do hope we see more of those kinds of heists down the road, because sometimes I just want to rob a bank.



In Payday 3 in Payday 3 So that's the update; that's kind of where I'm at with payday 3 right now. Are you guys still playing Payday 3? Do you guys like it? What are your thoughts on Payday 3 right now? That being said, I'm going to wrap it up here. I'm going to go and turn my AC back on because it is hot in here, and I turn off my fans and [__] to record.

That being said, stay hydrated. I hope you have a good one, and I'll catch you next time I'

It's been a while since we've received any word on what's going on with Payday 3. However, the devs have recently made a blog post regarding that as well as some insight on why that was, where Payday 3 is now and the future for updates.
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