Breaking Payday 3


Without an update to Payday 3 since launch the community has essentially had its way with all eight of the initial heists finding new strategies to break the game and speed our way through all of them with minimal effort according to the ever reliable Urban Dictionary, this is what the phrase cheesing in article games is all about a strategy that seeks to provide means for overcoming a challenge not by engaging with the challenge itself but rather by bypassing it all together and that is what breaking payday 3 is all about one to take out my frustration of having to play the same eight heists for the past months let's be honest we all know these inside and out by now but the only way I can feel like a truly dominant party in this messed up relationship is by proving to each one individually, that I can break it from the inside, out.

That genuinely sounds like I need payday 3 relationship counseling. Moving swiftly on to two, I want to present these methods to those of you who might still be struggling with the game's hardest difficulty at this point. Overkill is reasonably trivial for most, but I know that, especially when it comes to solo stealth, there's still a lot of frustration out there, and many of these methods will help you to start mastering Payday 3's mechanics.

And finally, I think at this point it's probably worth bringing these heist-breaking issues to the dev's front door. If the update process is going to remain as sluggish as it has been so far, it's better that they know how we're cheating their game to Oblivion sooner rather than later. That said, this article is in somewhat of a challenge-run format, but the rules are a hell of a lot more open.


Essentially, all I need to do is complete every heist in the game on overkill difficulty without really interacting with them as intended. This can range from skipping over key objectives to utilizing broken enemy interactions and even messing with the geometry on some heists. Expect to learn something new and blow off some steam today as we take a closer look at what patch 1.0 payday 3 really looks like.


First up the beta Heist no rest for the wicked people have had even longer to learn how to cheese this one so it really is an art form at this point first things first you'll need a specific security room RNG to pull this off massless, essentially if the security guard spawns in this location towards the side of the bank the room will not be designated as secure the only example of this in the game as such you can simply wander in get yourself spotted and escorted out at which point the cams will turn off forever, you can speed this up with a quick radio hack within minutes risk- free you'll have turned off all the cams on the heist our next objectives is to turn off the power find the correct color switch and gain access to the Vault room these objectives can't really be circumvented.

But they present little to no risk when unmasked, as the worst that will happen is that you get escorted outside. As such. I was quickly able to unlock a path to the vault door before unleashing the strongest cheddar, yet by using an online code generator to brute force the code, in my experience, the code is always comprised of two, three, or four different numbers, meaning there will be 14, 36, or 24 potential combinations, respectively.

You can try one of these codes roughly every 10 seconds to completely avoid having to mask up and face the toughest object on this heist, which on Overkill is to grab a bank manager from upstairs and carry him down to the vault door before heading back up to the side office to unlock the code. The only punishment for attempting the wrong codes is that a bank employee will be sent over to see what's going on, but civilian class detection in Pay 3 is highly abusable, so you can just slip around them if they come sniffing.


Whilst brute forcing can be timec consuming, it sure as hell is safer than the alternative, and allows you to remain a mass which is absolutely crucial for the final cheese of this Heist that being the completely Brazen duffel Escape through the front door to be fair this unmasked mechanic is intended but it sure as hell looks funny and requires a bit of suspension of disbelief, as I chuck all my bags to the crew AI to assist in carrying them right the way out to the van for escape, all right that was easy onto the only loud locked heist in the game right now Road Rage which despite not being a stealth cheese still allows us to break a fair few systems to comparatively trivialize it on Overkill.


First up i ride on the front of the van these days, even on Overkill, as it's surprisingly easy to top up your armor on here and stay safe simply by one-shotting everything in sight with the SCAR or M14. This is a kill or be killed strategy I learned from the solo speedrun record, so do keep that in mind it might not be the easiest thing to pull off in fact I was forced to abandon ship halfway through and return to the most broken of strategies on this Heist as found on my Overkill solo run where in this Southside Escape location becomes a Bastion, that the cop AI simply cannot comprehend, refusing to challenge Us in here and eventually just stopping spawning all together for whatever reason the only enemies you need to deal with are these snipers but they shoot so slowly it's hardly a big deal once you circumvent in combat for long enough during the assault you'll experience A Lull in the wave during which you can again return to move the van along once it reaches the elevated platform, this is when we get a chance to show off a new cheese all together essentially these skills medic a and combat medic when playing solo and Overkill are completely overpowered, and can lead to virtually permanent invulnerability.


To do this. I grab an initial bag and slip it into the back to find or brute force the code before breaking the security with the bag distraction glitch, meaning I can steal everything from the front of the store with impunity. This gets even easier if you're intentionally spotted by this guard, hack him, and then set to search, giving you even more space to steal the goods.

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