Bettel And Bettel 2 Doing A Run Payday 3 While Talking Like Npcs


Okay I'm letting myself in now. Use the computer if you can, and tell me what the code is and how to get the code for the thing. Okay, doing it for the thing. Someone's running the guard. It's okay it's okay okay, you might have to kill this guy. It's okay; he patrols on the inside, so it's not like, God damn, we need another phone.

Copy the path going and going in the bathroom. Hey, there's still a banana in here, all right? You can open the show. The manager saw the showroom; that's the one in the showroom. Okay, open the showroom. Okay, I'm in. Don't touch those displays. Eight six four one, eight six four one, going in.

I can swear I just saw something. There's a guard down here. I have to kill. Okay, what do I need to do? Hey, come down here. yeah Hi, I had a dream last night. I got into a situation, so I just had to call to see what happened if you were still there. Is he in here? I think he's in the room.

Holy [__] did you find him? Yeah, he's in the room; there's no cocoa melon. How am I supposed to deal with this guy? Got a rat here, all right? summoning, the manager understood. Wait, it's not letting me. Why hey, I found it. It's not letting me do it, though I just killed a guard. I think you saw the camera that I used.

payday 3

I now realize the repercussions of shooting games. I don't understand. I didn't push any buttons. I took a picture of the evidence. I don't know. I'm just got Grabbers. She's gone hey, it looks like it's going to work now, okay? understood, he made a friend, and yeah, he's sleeping. Hey, don't put that here.

The manager is coming in. We don't want to scare her as soon as she walks in. Do you think wearing masks and having guns in our hands would scare her immediately? No, because we're going to hide over here in the corner. Okay, then we're going to jump out and say a surprise happy birthday. Happy birthday i gave you a present.

It's this dead body. All right, here she comes. Don't do anything rash, okay? You're mine now all right, we gotta take her to the VIP showroom, lead the way, copy that it's clear, hey, it's clear, hey, here she is okay, and then after this, we have to open the ball. Okay, do we still need her after, or do we kill her so we can tie her up?

Okay, all right, that's your cut, understood. Remember, it costs money to press that button. Hey, press that button. Hey, I'm going to press that button. Hey, the ball's open. Take a peek at this orb. It looks pretty cool, [__]. Hey, she just said the name of the game was funny. Hey, mine now that it's mine, take it.

Hey, time to open all these up. Remember, we have to put them in the machine. I love machines. I like Nano machines; they're pretty good mobile machines. They load them in the machine as soon as you get them so that we can get them working. I understand that's the rare stone; it doesn't go in there.

I heard something. Never mind hey, is there a bonus for what we're leaving with stealth? Is there a bonus? I think so. Hey, we have to wait seven years. Hey, never mind. Hey, it's Yuiito's birthday, and they dropped an akasupa. Hey, thanks for the akasupa. Thanks for the AKA. Super happy birthday! You crack.

Dart Hey, happy birthday! I like your art. Hey, thank you. Hey, birthday, hey, birthday over here. We have a birthday over here. I think this is all we can take. I guess going loud might be better in this one; they don't think it's okay because you can't get all the stuff. You know, for all the bonuses, there's got to be a bone.

There has to be a bonus. I guess we'll find out. Hey, are there melee weapons in this game? Maybe, hey, have you ever seen one of those samurai swords? It looks pretty cool. I'm a big fan. I like flails better. Hey, have you ever seen that Katana Katari is a pretty cool anime that is well animated?

What'd you say? Say to me, Hey, what'd you just say to me? It's Japanese for Katana's story or sword story, which looks pretty cool. Who makes a story about a sword? It's just a sword. There sure are a lot of them in every herder. King Arthur is all about Excalibur. What's that hey, you read a book once in a while.

Hey, you're illiterate. Hey, what'd you say to him to cancel that? Hey, what hey, I'm the world. Hey, I'm on the roof. I need help here. Hey, two more packets. Okay, that means we only have five bags. seems a bit low. We're not making money. This was stupid. I hate this. I'm on the roof.

Let's do this. I'm almost done with my Red Bull. Feel crazy i need to pee. I need to pee. Got me over here. This is my monster. I should have had a more sleepy guy. I don't know what a monster is. I only drink Red Bull. True, Red Bull is pretty good. One more: should I start taking you? I have zero-sugar ones; they sound pretty good, but it tastes like there's a lot of sugar.

Is it lying to me? I hate being lied to, too. I hate liars. No, it's not lying. Hey, he's good out the window. Call me the Grinch. We got civi hey, who cares to kill understood. The lies are nothing; they serve no purpose. Passing the bags through the window. I should kill them now. That's three bags.

Hey, it's Judas here, lightning. That's a prayer, all right. I guess we're leaving. We're leaving hey, get in the van. Good job, good job. Hey, I hope it's working. Hey, I hope it doesn't kick us out. Hey man, hey, what's going on, Hoxton? You didn't do anything. I hope you don't get a cut.

You don't deserve a cut. Smoking's bad for your health. You should probably stop going inside to see if it's working and what's going on. Hey, there's a rat that's pretty big in New York. Hey, this is why I can't open doors. Hey, we're just going to wait, okay? Fixed, okay okay Hey, I disappeared.

What's going on? Hey, something's happening. I can't see it. I can't feel it. Hey, the band's gone too. I think we're making our way out, loading midair, but Hoxton's also gone, so it's James getting scared. I'm feeling upset. Did we waste our time? I think this is the second coming. We're about to die.

We've been raptured. I guess I was a good boy robbing this bank. Hey, I've been rapturing over here. What the Yeah, I don't know. I hope it's fixed. I have to pee so bad. No, I need to see if it works okay. My throat hurts so bad, yeah, but I couldn't stop it. It was too late. It was too fun.

It was literally too late. The police called a rapture on us, and they sucked us into the [__] sky. Hey, that's your prerogative, Feeling upset, louder feeling upset, louder feeling upset. This, um, is really [__]. Unfortunately, there's a guy in that window who scared the [__] out of me. There are people in those windows.

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