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Some weapons in Payday 3 are just fun to use, and some aren't. Some are better than others, and some are trash. Some weapons you will use because they make the game feel a little easier, while others won't. Some will use weapons that make the game fun and not always the best because, well, they are fun.

No, bring to the spotlight the SMG in Payday 3. No, not that one, jeez, hey there, we go well with this one too, just not this one, okay, good. Yes, today we look at SMG fun in all its glory, from the fast fire rate to low damage to ammo-stricken poverty, as the good, the bad, and the ugly ones might say.

Put away your s, your kus, and your VFS, and open your mind to the fik and the SG. Whether you're a thick or SG drinker, you will get similar results: a big smile and a yearning for ammo. Let's talk about this for a second. While they are similar, they have some differences. Both have a reasonable fire rate, controllable recoil, comparative max ammo, and pickup rates, but differ in damage output, armor penetration, and distance drop-offs.

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While the initial distances for damage drop-off are 50 m for the F and further out at 25 m for the SG, between 15 m and 30 m, the fixed damage drops down to just 25; that's just one shy of the SG's damage up to 25 m. These seem to be the prime range for SMGs, as anything further out, you're literally peach shooting.

That being said, the SG outshines the F by one damage at 100 m and even shows a damage number of 10 up to 1, 000 m. Good luck aiming that shot and finding a map on which to take it. Another gap between these two weapons is around armor penetration, statistically shown at 0.75 for the F and 1.25 for the SG.

But what the hell does that mean? What do you mean by that? Let me introduce you to armor hardness, TLDR, or TLDL. Enemies have an armor hardness stat of swats, heavy swats, tasers, amine zappers, and naters currently at 1.5. You take your weapon's armor penetration number and subtract that from the armor hardness stat.

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The number left is the reduction amount on your weapon's damage stat that will hit the enemy's health on top of the armor damage. Okay, quick example. 32 base damage 0.75 armor penetration; armor hardness at 1.5 minus armor penetration equals 0.75. This means that a shot to a SWAT body will take a 75% hit and only do 25% of its original damage, so in this case, the weapon's full damage still occurs towards the armor if there's some remaining at the same time as the SG 24 damage.

125 armor penetration; armor hardness of 1.5 minus armor penetration equals 0.25. This means that a shot to a swats body will take a 25% hit and do 75% of its original damage, so in this case, 18, more than two times the damage that is getting through the armor with the Fig. You'll see how this affects shots to kill in a second.

Here is the most common enemy in all difficulties. Your Mr friendly swap man has no Buffs shots to the body; both Fi and SG are the same at seven. If both guns have Edge active, then the Fick will take one less shot with six one-ups for the FI. For head shots, the FI has a multiplier of two and the SG a multiplier of three, although head shots obviously reduce the number of shots to kill overall.

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There is a base gap of one in favor of the SG here: five head shots for a kill against four for the SG. This does require Edge to be equal with the SG with four head shots. If you want to bring down the shots to kill the body on the SG, then you need the skill-cutting shot. This aligns the number of shots to kill with the FI with Edge to reduce the amount of head shot needed on the FI for the swats.

You'll need to take the face-to-face skill; this doesn't affect the head shot on the SG but does reduce its number of body shots to line up with the F. So what about those heavy guys? You know the pisses that come towards the end of our heist. Well, I'm glad you asked, because here we see a clear winner.

Let's dig in for body shots. The SG takes a quick one up, as it takes eight shots versus nine on the FI. For head shots, it's a clearer seven for the F and down to only five for the SG. Now let's throw EDG into the mix. The F takes a step in the right direction, reducing both body shots and head shots needed by one to eight and six, respectively.


However, the SG fights back and drops to only four head shots needed while maintaining eight to the body. If we introduce the skill-cutting shot, the fix stays the same. the SG however takes one off the body shots now down to seven, finally if we add on the face to face skill the fixed body shots needed drops from 8 to 7 to be in line with the SG however with face to face the SG drops its head shots down to now only three a clear nod towards the armor penetration stat once the enemy gains more armor for us to deal with this makes certain skills with these guns optional based on how you want it for example, there seems to be no need to take face to face with the Fig to just need one less body shot on Heavies and keep the head shot the same conversely face to face on the SG drops head shot on Heavies down from 5 to three and body shots on regular swats from 7 to six.

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A cutting shot on the FI will gain one less head shot for swats but nothing for you on Heavies. A cutting shot on the SG may not be worth it, as it's only one less body shot on Heavies and nothing else. Me too, a quick yell in the ziv SMG direction that has zero armor penetration obviously; this one takes a little more to grab those kills.

Eight body shots or six head shots with Edge are no better, but with a cutting shot included, you can reduce the body shots to seven. After all of this, feel free to verify and, by all means, justify that Ziv does have a pretty sweet fire rate, and time to kill is a factor, but we won't go into that in this article.

All of this in the fast style of run and gun quick aim and quick accurate shooting is to go for the head shot; they drastically reduce the shots to kill on both regular swats and Heavies. Okay, enough waffle. What skills do we need, and what will make us a beast with these guns? ammo specialist to increase our ammo cap by 20%.

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At this point, we already have a variable. We all know armor is a deployable that's needed on higher difficulties, but if you and your team don't need four of them, this build goes well with ammo bags. Not only did ammo specialists just add two additional charges to our ammo bag, but if we don't take armor skills, then we also pick up fully loaded for even more charges and top up for more from each charge.

Payday 3 and sub machine guns! These weapons aren't the strongest, but they sure are fun! A build that gives some life to the SMGS and takes a look at Payday 3 armor penetration. A new stat armor hardness, and how damage goes through the armor and hits the health of the enemies.
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