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Richard. Here today we're going to be discussing skills in Payday 3, and more specifically, we will be looking at rather essential skills that can make your high skill much smoother, obviously, different weapons, equipment, and weather going to stealth. The heist will play a significant part in this, so there will be some caveats for tactical consideration.

There are three different categories of skills that will also help us assess their value based on the effects they provide. First, there are initial skills for each tree; these can be purchased obviously without restriction assuming they're unlocked and can be aced for additional bonuses. Second, there are midline skills, which will require the skill line to be unlocked by purchasing the respective initial skill.

Finally, there are capstone skills. These are at the end of the tree and can be equipped regardless of whether you have the starting skill equipped or not. Heist the Hacker Tree has some very strong offerings, including the base skill aced and secure. Loop this allows you to hack up to two cameras and prevent them from detecting anything, while many times destroying cameras will be an option and very hard, and overkill cameras are almost always indestructible, and killing or alluring the camera operator may not be feasible early on.

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The glitch protocol is also good if you or a teammate is caught by a guard, who will essentially give you a get-out-of-jail free card every 60 seconds. Covering up the CQC specialist tree can also help you quickly deal with guards when a situation spirals out of hand or you are caught out of position.

Under the infiltrator tree, the initial skill aced and quick fingers can let you get away with a lot of riskier plays and capitalize on narrow windows of opportunity. Quick fingers are also nice in General Rest for the Wicked and Road Rage, as they allow you to quickly open lock boxes. If you are planning on taking a more kinetic approach to ice, then you will likely want a different set of skills.

Certain trees are also tailored to specific weapons; the mower tree helps with assault rifles and SMGs. The sharpshooter tree benefits snipers, and the enforcer tree favors shotguns. However, there are some skills that are just easy picks regardless, like cutting shots, which increase your damage against armored units.

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It also lets you deal with bulldozers more easily, as it can deal damage directly to them before their face plate is destroyed. At this point, it's also probably worth mentioning that you should also have a way of reliably propping Edge, regardless of what weapon you are using. Surprisingly, when you go gunsblazing, dealing an extra 10 damage isn't a bad thing to have.

In addition, Edge is often a prerequisite for processing other perk effects. I typically like to have two methods of triggering the edge for assault rifles, especially SMGs. Mower aced and enforcer a star Solid shotguns work well with enforcer ace and combat reload enforcer and also have the added benefit of giving you grit, which reduces damage by 10 percent.

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I'd argue that combat reload is damn near essential for shotguns, considering you can have endless grit and edge throughout an entire police assault if you're rocking the a144 or the 900s Sharpshooter. Aced will keep you edging reliably. Gunslinger's Edge Proc is pretty powerful considering all you have to do is switch weapons, but it does come at the expense of not being able to have Edge when you advertise.

For some generalist combat skills, having armor up in the tank tree will make you much more efficient when using an armor bag and will give you and your teammates more opportunities to replenish. Ammo Specialist and Scrounger are also very worthwhile for only two skill points, giving you endless grenades since we don't have the firepower of a main battle tank like in Payday 2.

The ability to reliably have explosives is a huge bonus, especially when fighting uphill battles or moving in the open. Ammo funneling is also a solid skill to have, especially when paired with replenish, and can damn near give you unlimited ammo and bottomless magazines. Some of the capstone skills are also good options, and while I don't think they're as essential as armor-up or an edge procker, they can still make your life a lot easier.


I typically like to throw in speed aim for the faster ad time and Swift for the faster movement speed. Swift, especially, can make a difference on maps that require a lot of moving. Also, if the heister playing can benefit from an additional negotiation time manipulator, Aced will give you that extra breathing room overall.

I am going to be holding off on straight weapon guides for a bit. I want to see how Starbury's or Overkill handle the first few updates. I am sure many weapons, especially shotguns, will be handled balance-wise until next time. Take care, and happy hunting!

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