Best Hipfire Smg Build Payday 3 (15 Skill Points)


I'm back in our article today. We're going to be playing some more Payday 3. I got another build for you guys for you guys to try out. It's going to be a hit-fire build, and it's pretty good. Also, it's pretty fun to use. So today we're going to be using the ziv command. We have the Fick PC9 that you could do this build with, but I just think that it's kind of weak and that the Ziv is just way better as of right now than the MP7.

I mean, you could probably do this with the MP7, but of course I don't have an unlock yet. This would probably work with it well too, as long as it has a high rate of fire, like what it looks like both of them have. It should be pretty good, but any SMG will work with this build anyway. Let's get this started.

Start off with Ammo Specialist, Basic. Get that 20% extra ammo capacity. The next thing we're going to have is a plate. As long as you have grit, ammo drops will instantly regenerate your current armor chunk. This is pretty good, especially when this build's going to actually be able You're going to be able to actually get grit pretty easily with the mower.

Every 35 bolts you shoot, you gain an edge. You're going to be shooting a lot, so just a little bit more edge. As long as you have Edge, ammo will go into your gun, and the same thing with this one: any ammo will go into your reserve. You do not have to pick up the ammo, so it's pretty good there.


Now we're going to get Sprint loaded reload while sprinting, which is going to be a pretty quick build and will be running a lot. Now we're going to go with tank basic, which increases your regeneration speed a chunk by 20%, and then we're going to get extra plates for two additional charges, and then armor up.

Interacting with any armored bag gives you an extra chunk that's pretty good. We're going to go with enforcer Ace, so you can get You're going to be pretty close to enemies with this SMG build most of the time, so you're going to be able to get grit and edge whenever you kill one enemy within 5 m.

You can gain grit and edge, so that's pretty good, and now we're going to go down to Gunslinger Gunslinger, where whenever you perform a head shot with your weapon, hip fire will refresh Edge. So basically, you just get this free edge, and whenever you switch your weapon, you gain edge, so run a good secondary, and you can just switch your weapon and edges all the way back up, and then we're going to get from the hip.


As long as you have Edge, your hip fire spread is decreased, and then heavy hip fire as long as you have Edge, hit-fire shots will cause heavy staggers. Also, we're going to be using the light ballistic lining. Since we're using armor and extra plays, you could run the heavy one. You just want more mobility.

Use the light one, and if you don't really care about mobility, just give it the heavy one, and you'll have infinite health and even more. It's all preference. Of course, I don't have this gun even near the max level. Know, even though I don't have this gun near the max level, here is the stuff.

I'm not using a magazine yet, and this is just what my build is. There's probably better builds, but that's just what I got on one thing that I kind of find stupid in this game. I think I talked to you about it a little bit, but I really don't like the progression system in this game. Heist over and over again; just play it like normal, and I won't get any XP.

I won't get anything. It's because it's all based on challenges, like when I'm not playing [__]. Fortnite, did I complete the heist? Did I get all the money? Did I complete 100%? And then I'll get zero [__]. XP No, I don't really care if we steal. You know what I'm saying? I don't have a stealth build.

I do have a suppressor on my SMG, but that's absolutely It will watch. No, what if I bump into you? You think he'll get pissed if I what if I just what if I just put on my mask and just blow up the store? moving, hard and fast, hard and fast. Now, once you get your SMG to a higher level, you should probably put a better magazine on it because this only holds like 20 [__].

I'm dying now. The one downside of this weapon build is that it runs out of ammo pretty quick, so you're going to want to have a decent backup weapon like this. Alert, what thank you, God. Thank you, LeBron James. If you guys already haven't, make sure to like and sub for about 30 seconds, because like I upload and [__] I upload like Payday articles and stuff.

All right, yeah, guys, that's the build. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Make sure to like and subscribe.

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