Best Guns Payday 3 Tier List

ak 47

In real life and I actually really like this pistol so I'm going to go ahead and put this one in B tier it's kind of a middle zone between the sign 40, and a bison and just being like a little bit more damage but not too much more damage that it sacrifices mag you can go for head shot but with an extended mag you can kind of spam out on it it's a really good feeling sidearm it's honestly a great default option for a sidearm that fits a lot of builds following that probably one of the worst weapons in the game total hot trash actually let should just do that right now total hot trash we have the ziv Commando, probably one of the worst if not the worst weapons in the game and honestly part of it is its fault the other part is not its fault, first of all it is a higher fire rate SMG with a smaller magazine at 25.

And honestly I do like the AK-47 a little bit better than the car4 but both of which are just absolute a tier weapons the AK-47 has a little bit more recoil a little bit more damage which makes it a little bit more optimal with the shots to kill but a little bit worse on the ammo economy even though it has the same a size same reserves the ammo pickup is a little bit worse and so if you're going to use the AK47 paired up with a very ammo efficient secondary like the M1911, or the strike 7 after that we have the two revolvers in the game the castigo and the bison and I'm going to kind of consider them essentially the same even though the castigo has a little bit more damage and less fire they both have plenty of fire rate that you're going to need them for and the most important thing is that you can one shot head shot heavy swats in the head with a couple of different damage perks which makes them incredibly, useful even though they only have six in a cylinder.

best guns in payday

They can also get the ammo funnel replenish thing where they get up to two ammo back into their cylinder, from getting a single kill which I'll remind you they can one shot head shot so getting two bullets makes them positive on ammo and for that reason I believe they're solidly in the S tier they literally solve bad loadouts so if you're going to use a bad weapon like the zip Commando, paired up with one of these weapons and they will save you in a pinch on top of also being much higher range making them decent for snipers as well and more accurate for handling enemy Shields through their visor they're excellent secondary weapons again as long as you get those damage bonuses like edge and a couple of the enforcer ones you can one shot head shot for pretty long ranges and it's so good following that we have the sa.

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A114 which is essentially the M14. EBR in my opinion one of if not the best weapon in the entire game this thing is a monster firstly, cuz it one- shot head shot heavy swats in the game which is a standard for how a weapon does and with that it's obviously a DMR single fire meaning it's rather efficient on ammo you can go pretty positive with this weapon it's decent in the hip fire although the iron sides like pretty much all the iron Sid of guns in this game are hot trash it get to level four to get that red dot as soon as possible and it has 12 to 20 in the magazine, depending on a normal or extended mag and if you also have ammo funnel and replenish you're essentially going to have like 30 in the mag before you have to reload the reload is not really that bad i' would say the only downside of this weapon is it's not really good when you're moving and hip firing which is obviously something that single fires wouldn't be good at that's more of an SMG and a shotgun following that we have the reinfield, 900s.

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Otherwise known as the only sniper in the game if you don't count the DMR, and this one is again total hot trash. Some people kind of like this weapon, but most people can agree it's just worse than a lot of other options in the game because, in my opinion, it fills no role well at all if you've never used it.

It is a bolt-action sniper, which means if you're aiming at something and you fire it at you, you have the bolt to slide back. It's also not good at armor penetration because it doesn't take one shot to shield through their visor without a bunch of damage perks. The EBR also takes two shots to the visor, and most importantly, it's not good against dozers.

I remember shooting 10 shots directly in the face of a dozer with this weapon, and it didn't kill it. There are some weapons in this game that can do it in one to two clips. The only thing this is good against is the enemy sniper, and you can just put a long-range sight on an EV or use a pistol. It's not that hard; the sniper needs a lot of love.

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It's hot trash, and following that, we have the Reinfeld 880, which is totally not a very similar name, and this weapon is so bad. Honestly, it's a contender for one of the worst weapons in the game, and there are some people that do like this weapon, but let me explain why I think this is so bad again, relating it to the EBR.

This weapon needs a head shot to one-shot light swats, even with all the damage perks; it doesn't have a body shot, which again makes head shots so important. If you have a single-shot pump-action weapon that one-shots to the head, then you have a semi-auto, much longer range option in the form of the EBR.

Why would you use the shotgun? On top of that, you have to load one shell at a time that's really, really slow, and even with the ammo funnel replenished, you're getting fewer slugs per kill, and you still have to reload between cuz you're never going to be getting guaranteed one shot head shots every time, and maybe it's just because I'm bad and I miss, but hopefully you can see why the EBR is just better.

car 4

In my opinion, what it needs, just like a lot of the other faster fire rate and closer range weapons, is that it needs to do a lot more body shot damage. I should be able to just go right up to a light SWAT, take one shot into the body, and kill it. I don't know why we can't, and furthermore, it's terrible against specials, the enemy shields; it's terrible at breaking that shield and then killing the shield; it's terrible against dozers.

I honestly would just rather use my sidearm for them. Following that, we have the other shotgun in the game, and honestly, this one's a lot better. I've put this one in the B-tier for a couple reasons. First of all, it has the same problem as the other one: it doesn't damage the body, even though it does more damage.

Best Guns in Payday 3 Tier List. This video will cover the best guns in the Payday 3 base game in my opinion. These opinions are based on my experience at level 101 and about 100 hours in.
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