Avoid Doing This On Payday 3


After dying many, many times, I've learned through trial and error a few things that, as a new player, you should avoid when heisting on payday 3. Today, we're going to go over five things you should avoid as a new player to better your chances of a successful heist, but before we jump into that, do me a favor.

I really appreciate it, but without further ado, let's jump into this. Although the payday franchise is usually played in one of two ways: loud or stealth, in Payday 3, it's best to avoid going in loud off-rip. As many objectives as possible in stealth before going in loud will raise your chances of surviving the remainder of the heist.

A lot of players think they're tough, so don't be a tough guy because in Payday 3, the difficulty has been raised no matter how good your aim is or how high your IQ is. Without regeneration of either shield or HP, you will eventually run out of both armor and medical bags. So it's best to save your resources by completing as many objectives as possible under stealth and utilizing a loud approach as a last resort.


With the resources being so limited, another thing you'll want to avoid is wasting your ammo. Bags supply an entire team and can often be used up quickly. Before you even get a chance to use the [__] avoiding, any unnecessary discharge of your weapon will help you to keep a high ammo count for those very urgent fights, like when a bulldozer is charging you or a cloaker is chasing your ass.

If a wave is over and the police are retreating, let them go. Don't waste your bullets by shooting them in the back. Save it instead of shooting them in the face on the next wave. Another tip is to use your sidearm when your primary weapon is low on ammo until you can pick up a decent amount of ammo off of the floor to reuse it, but ammo isn't the only limited resource; you'll find yourself running out of both medical supplies and armor bags, which can leave you pretty defenseless down the stretch if a teammate goes down during a heated firefight.

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Reviving them if your health is low or if they're downed out in the open sometimes. It's more beneficial to your team in the long run to leave a teammate downed and find some cover fighting, off the remainder of the assault wave, or holding out until their respawn timer is up. Doing this will not only potentially really save your own life, but it will bring them back as well, and with a few extra bars of shield Another thing to avoid when heisting on payday 3 is observant civilians.

These nosy [__] can become alerted if you aren't paying attention while completing objectives when in casing mode with your mask off. Sometimes when trying to complete an objective, you'll notice the word observed, which means that either a civilian guard or camera is currently able to see your criminal activity.

Simply avoid it by either waiting, hacking the camera, or restraining the civilian or guard that's observing you, and lastly, if you can help it Avoid sprinting while in stealth or casing mode, and guards detection bars increase much quicker when you're running. I'll meet,

5 things to avoid on Payday 3. Payday 3 is hard enough! Here are a few tips on things you should avoid on Payday 3 that might make heisting a bit more easy. I'm not the best at Payday 3 obviously, but whatever tips and tricks I can help with i'll gladly share with my fellow heisters.
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