Aggressively Borrowing My Taxes From The Irs Payday 3


Hello there, and welcome to the almost certainly bug-ridden crackhead mess that will be this Payday 3 article. Let's do this. I forgored and I swore, and like the bugs that have plagued Payday for years. I intend to plague the IRS like a crackhead until they stop asking me for my money, so I woke up this morning and all my money was gone, and.

I sound. I found a sticky note in my room that said I owe your heart. IRS, and I flipped it over and it said. Haha. J cable. So the plan is to go to various IRS locales in New York to claim my money because, remember, it's not stealing, just aggressive borrowing. Let us begin. Equals rent; let us enter the bank to retrieve taxes.

Our first Mark the First Bank we could find driving down the road, but while we were checking it out, the boys got distracted. Free cabs are here. Okay, get out of my way. This is mine. I'll put a camera on your car. What what hey, what are you doing? What's wrong with your hands? Shut up we continued to search the bank and found traces of the IRS everywhere.


This was the place. I then cracked the safe. Yep, this is my money, so we took out the cameras. The cameras disabled the gate's power. Pay Power—yeah, he found it, grabbed the codes, and an executive machine put in the wrong code. I corrected it, and then we made our way into the vault, all right, so remember, die pack, all right, die pack, but these fiends put dye packs on the cash.

How dare they? It's not even their money. I'll get the ones on the back table. I'll go with that. In a hurry, disable the die packs. Going back, [__] good All right, all right. Thankfully, we secured it all and picked up the deposit boxes, but this isn't all my money. We need all my taxes back from the IRS.

Yeah, I can't believe they kept them all in this one bank. Can I kill somebody, yet you think this is all my tax? Have you seen my vault? The rest must be stored elsewhere, so we made our escape but got caught on the way out. Thankfully, we didn't have much left to go, so we wrapped it up as we cranked up the music.


We still have two more pagers. Bailey, bail at him; beat his ass for now. Yeah, in that case, just beat him up. Hey bit, however, as we got prepped for the next mission, we realized my game was bugged. The loadout screen says I have nothing in my primary and secondary The Overkill armor lining throwable in the tool is very bugged.

This is taking forever, yeah, it does, and all of this is getting recorded. I will complain about this in the voiceover. I had to fight the urge when I got on earlier today to be like, Okay, let me look this up and figure out why I was like, No, no work on the article. Morgan will figure it out for you later.

That's it this is over, but once we got that sorted out, we moved on to the next heist, so among the things the IRS taxed from me, they took my rare earth elements. I know the lore of this one: we're going to Robin armor transport carrying rare earth elements; let's go uranium. The IRS stole your rarer, and I want them back, but Trey I hear you say, Why do you need rare earth elements?


Clickbait, what else? I am a YouTuber, and I am in possession of rare earth elemental materials. You invested in gold, but unfortunately, machines cracked, like addiction to killing civilians has made its return in this heist. Mind you, these are all dead people. I thought I killed them all. No, that's mine.

Listen, I'm the one that kills the Optimus here. You didn't do anything moving past that we needed to use this. Drill, why did I get to this as a piece of crap? Grill to get the truck to a place where we can drill in from underneath and retrieve my rare earth elements. It's a drill that finishes its job in 30 seconds.

It's so beautiful, so then we got my taxes back, brought them to the helicopter, and rappelled off the bridge to somehow lose the cops. And that was it. Okay, come in with class. Yeah, I am coming in with class. I basically think you're about to show up to a PTA meeting. All right, you do have class, like you're going to show up to a class and teach them.


No, I'm going to show up to a class and kill them all in our next Mark is a jewelry store that I actually used to own. What I told you was that this would be a crackhead mess. You're the manager here, or else she's right here, Machine. What are you talking about? That's not the major reason that her name is Shirley; he's my wife; she's my wife; she's a manager right here; it's my wife.

I'm good with you as the manager because you're an idiot. Hmm, I don't know. That's pretty suspicious that the machine's wife is the manager of the store. The IRS just taxed me anyway. We snuck into the back rooms immediately, got caught, and the alarms were sounded. You get down, okay? We're doomed i'll get you out of there, bud.

I'm on the main road, arresting anybody. All of you get down, damn it. So we started blasting while we broke into the workshop to see which of the jewelry was clean. I don't want any germs on my taxes. The IRS might have cooties. This man's jumping off walls, Bile, then picked us up and the loot with this helicopter, and we got out of there.


Next, we're going to rock the cradle. It turns out the IRS invested my taxes in crypto wallets. We're going for crypto wallets. Let's go yeah, put it on the crypto wallets, darn IRS. That's right, though, and baby, All right, I'm ready, so he went in, got caught immediately, and reset. Then we went in, learning from our mistakes, and got caught immediately again.

You know what? Okay, they just shot me. Hey, look free, people; they came to us. My taxes were gone, but we came here to aggressively borrow stuff, and I'm not leaving without doing so, so we drilled into the VIP area, assembled a cage for extracting taxes, found the vault every nightclub seems to have, and then couldn't find the accounting office for like 10 minutes.

I found a crack. Why okay but we did find that it eventually cracked the vault, brought the taxes up to the cage, and made our daring Escape, all right, time to go. Yep, that's how you pull a heist. Now we're going into an art gallery. The IRS literally laced the art with my taxes, so we're going to have to find out which ones do and do not contain my taxes.

Dumbo, what dumbo, we're at Dumbo after struggling to actually make our way into the gallery. The IRS stole the subway system. No, I ended up having to go AFK for a bit. I don't like that. I saw a trip. I saw a laser light down there. I don't like that. I don't like that one minute. When I came back, I was immediately caught.

Then chains entered the building and immediately went loud. When somebody helps me, don't say that somebody shuts up. Okay, I need somebody to help me. Why do changes come in shooting? Wait, you called for help, and chains came in. No, whoops, we're going to just ignore that and start stealing paintings.

Clearly the IRS doesn't actually need my money if they're just gonna leave it in all these random places. Music In Order Of Use. Sea Of Thieves Maiden Voyage. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers Of Sky Team Skull Theme.
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