A Full Review Of Payday 3 - The Redemption Of The Top Flop Of 2023


Payday is back. I really have played Payday 3. I just played some Payday 3. Today we're looking at Payday 3, and welcome to Payday 3. So you're here to talk about Payday 3, so let's talk about it. So just to be 100% clear, I'm not knocking any of the creators that I mentioned earlier, nor am I knocking any other creator that played the beta and hyped up the game.

I just feel that they definitely contributed to the disappointment felt by, honestly, hundreds of thousands of gamers, as it was number one on Steam for one or two days. I believe, and it really isn't that good of a game to be that hyped up now. While Payday 3 did start out as the number one seller, it has quickly fallen and now has a mainly negative view at 33%.

Now you may be asking yourself, What is payday 3? Payday 3 is a co-op first-person shooter game developed by Starbury Studios and is a direct sequel to Payday 2. The entire premise of the game is that you have a sort of story progression with no actual real story, but we'll get back to that later.

Where you have to rob various different locations, such as a bank. Warehouse jewelry store nightclub You get the picture. You can join a pre-made lobby, a random lobby, or a public lobby where you can't choose what lobby or who your fellow heisers are. They are a friend's only lobby that you can only match.


Make up with random friends that are also online and searching, and that includes your steam as well as your nebula account or an invite-only setting where you can invite whoever you want, and if you don't fill in those slots, you'll actually have AI heisers. You have four difficulties to choose from: normal, very hard, and overkill.

The difference in the difficulties is actually pretty noticeable, and it is actually much tougher to stealth in higher difficulties. As well as when you go loud, the structure of the game is mission-based, and with every mission, you have the same sort of phases, but the makeup and content of each mission are slightly different.

First, you have the stealth phase, where it is actually possible to beat each mission without masking, going up, or shooting a single bullet. In the stealth phase, you have to sneak around undetected to gather key cards. Passcodes for doors, scanning people's phones for clues, getting extra information from reading papers, etc.

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To try to get the loot of that mission, whether it be getting into a vault for rare diamond art, etc. The second phase, if you fail to stealth around or just straight up want to go loud, is the negotiation phase, where the cops start to show up and you need to start tying up civilians to use as hostages or meat shields.

Then you head into the objective phase, where you need to get the terrorists together to blast through the floor above the vault. Take the manager of the diamond shop. Hostage, to use her phone to unlock the safe and different scenarios, such as those, all of this while you're finging off cops. Ninjas juggernauts, snipers, and cops with tasers.

Once you have the objective secured or not, depending on whether you did the steps right and fast enough, you need to get to the Xville location; otherwise, you reach the last phase, the point of no return. This is when all different sorts of cops will endlessly spawn to kill you unless you get out in time, so now you're probably sitting there wondering.

What exactly went wrong? How could a game with so many dedicated DieHard fans be suddenly turned off by the sequel to a much-loved game? Well, here's how it all started: with the launch.

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They logged into Steam or got onto Xbox and downloaded and booted up the game. They had to then register a Nebula account and get into the tutorial, but that's when disaster struck. They couldn't get into a match; they would hastily go check online and see the post from the Payday 3 developers saying that the servers were down.

People scour the internet to see if they would be able to overcome these difficulties and get into the game regardless of whether there was an offline mode that they could play with only AI teammates. Was there a way to get into a match with a full party or four people? Would they be able to skip the queue if they only got in with ?.

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AI, alas, there was not; they were stuck; there was nothing they could do but patiently wait as they pulled up their Twitter accounts and stared at the payday 3 page and waited for the magic post. M on the 22nd of September, they posted, We are back in business, boys. Well, that's not exactly what they said, but you get the gist.

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Clip at.was taken from @asmontv

On the third night, the developers looked like they had finally managed to get the servers at least partially up, and that night, the hordes of hungry gamers huddled next to their computers and televisions, hoping that it wasn't another ruse. While the servers were buggy and had different problems, many people were at least able to get into the game and finally play it, a success after all the anticipation.

Then one day, they finally got in. Once they were in, some were met with that reassuring feeling of nostalgia, while others were met with disappointment. Why do you ask? Additionally, the stealth, while also much improved, felt incomplete. The game fell short of what they were led to believe—what were these bugs?

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here are a couple just to name a few of the most common complaints found there was no offline mode so you had to have been connected to the internet in order to play this game this was seemingly due to minimize a numbers of hackers and exploiters in offline play except in reality it was probably a way to keep people from somehow obtaining, the soon to be paid for currency the servers we previously covered were still half patched together with duct tape and hope and are still a problem to this day that I'm recording on the 28th of September, the lack of a story or even semblance of a story besides the regression system had many wanting for more the game lacking content in variety between there being no variation of the RNG.

That is to say, when you loaded into a mission and then messed up and clicked restart, the supposed RNG elements did not actually change. This includes key cards, the actual key code numbers, and other items that you need to progress in the stealth portion of the game. Additionally, to get further into the nitty-gritty, there were fewer heists, fewer guns, fewer masks, and fewer outfits than when Day 2 was released.

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The fun and exciting challenges we found in the prior game to boost your XP gains felt laborious and grindy. Additionally, you gained far less experience; the higher the difficulty, the more you went, as with Payday 2, the higher the difficulty meant that you got more experience for killing an enemy, but now in Payday 3, all difficulty levels would give you the same experience for killing an enemy.

Hello everyone! At the writing of this video there are still tons of issues BUT Starbreeze is actually fixing problems and bugs as they come up. This is a full review of all of the aspects of what went wrong with Payday 3. This video is my first 20 hour editing project and I sincerely love doing this and hope to do more of them and constantly increase the quality of these to get even better ones out.
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