99 Boxes Stealth Guide - Payday 3


All right Today we're doing 99 boxes; this is probably an easier Heist honestly, the only difficulty becomes an Overkill when, just like with a handful of others, there's a lead guard that spawns, so always take note of him. Starting off, the first thing you want to do is you want to go to either the left or right side because there are these guards, and you can see a phone there that you need their QR code for later on in the heist.

Typically, they've got something like a camera or something in front of them, so go ahead and hack it, and then make sure that the coast is clear, and run up and grab it. This is just like in the um the like nightclub where you have to kind of stand around them, and then the circle will fill up, and the green circle will fill up.

Luckily, both guards are in pretty easy spots to kind of get the code, so here's the other one. We're running through the left side, and he's kind of out more in the back left of the warehouse area. My friend here was getting it, but I wanted to just show you in case, so there you saw it on his phone, and he just got it.

You always know by the progress in the top left, and now you have to get into the warehouse. There's a couple different entrances; there's about three doors on each side or a door on each side, and then there's also like an open garage once you're inside. There are a ton of cameras in here, so again, watch out.


There's always a guard, at least on the bottom floor, and then one up above, so again, watch out. And especially if you've got camera loops, go ahead and look around for the cameras. I typically just, you know, hack whenever I'm here, so you want to open up these crates in one of them, which is an important mission objective.

You can see in the top left there liquid nitrogen coolant; it's in one of those, and then the other thing you got to do in here is open this up. So walk up, do it, open it up, and then keep looking around for the boxes. Of course, civilians will notice you opening up the boxes to make sure you're not watched.


This one had the nitrogen coolant, so go ahead and grab it, walk on over, and throw it into the right The next step is that you're going to have to go upstairs. There's a staircase on either end of the warehouse, and you've got to find a computer. So for this run, it ended up being on this side through this door, but there's a catwalk you saw on my left, and there's a guard that walks alongside it, so watch out for that.

But on the other side of the catwalk is another sort of Little House area like this, where the computer can spawn. So just go ahead and sit there and wait for that to go through. 89, 90, 97 There you go; hit enter, and that'll tell you where they are, whether it's the east or the west. So what you'll first have to do is, you'll have to go over to the entrance, so here it is in the west.

I'm here at West. You see that the door is closed, so then shade is like, all right. We have another way to get in. There is a like-stashed zipline black bag. It's in a couple different spots; it's always marked, so it's pretty easy to get, but I've found it's always sort of up top in these areas.


Be careful that there's a camera on the other side, and then go ahead and open up the vent if it's over here. So yeah, you're going to be opening a bunch. I'm about to find one here, but they're all kind of hidden inside the inside's kind of like a maze a little bit, so you just gotta figure out sort of ways around you can kind of see here, that you can like jump across here or if you need to you can go around and then you can like go up the ramp there.

There's also civilians here; there's like construction workers or whatever, so watch out; they'll spot you. You'll know you've got the right one because it uses one of the QR codes we got earlier. The ones with money don't use QR codes; you just open them regularly. So after that, go ahead and open it up, and then we have the under-the-surface tablets again, the museum stuff, so you have to stand in the circles.

I get caught here; it's not a bad idea to actually take out a guard or two here; there's about three on higher difficulties, so if you know, it can make things a bit easier, and, again, just stand in the circles. I, you, it doesn't work; it doesn't go faster when there's two of them; that's what we were trying there, but yeah, just watch out.


There's a camera that I'll watch. There are civilians and guards. That'll walk around, so just, you know, have somebody potentially high up spotting them, or just be really careful, and on Lookout, once you've got all of them, you can come back here, go ahead and open the door, and then here's the fun part.

All it really does is make it worth less money. So if you don't really care about that then you know don't care about it and don't worry about like rushing it because you have to run all the way back to that truck we opened up in the warehouse and I have gotten caught doing it before so, just be careful and, it doesn't really matter not like the money is very useful in the game it's all about the XP, so we're on our way back you can make it lose quality twice and then it's at its base amount and then you gotta go find the other one so similar idea Find one with the QR code.

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Go ahead and open it up, activate the tablet on it, and stand in the circles. Again, watch out for guards. Watch out for civilians, and watch out for cameras. Just sort of anything that can spot you, and just wait, and eventually you'll be done. Go ahead and open the door, and then stay in process again.

You grab this and pretty much hightail it, unless you don't care about the quality or the money at all, in which case you just slowly walk back. I recommend the first couple times just slowly making it back. Just that way, you can kind of learn for sure the layouts and the fastest ways of getting around, and then later on, once you're comfortable with them, you rush them.

This is actually the first time I managed to sell them. We got really lucky with placements, so I was able to rush it, although here you notice I get spotted. I could be running here before it loses its first quality. Luckily my teammate takes the guard out and we deal with the civilians, and that's both of the main things, so now go ahead and run those money bags in as much as you want if you want, and if it's safe, there's six in total, like I said, it'll be the other white containers you saw, and here we throw in our last one.

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You can see them kind of packing up there on the right side. When I'm looking at it, go ahead and close the containers, and now just get to the front of the car. Typically, number three here is pretty open, so you can run out. Don't worry, civilians can't see, so it's whatever, and get into the circle around the driver's side.

It's pretty

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