99 Boxes. Overkill Loud. Payday 3 - Kraken Team


You know, let's go functional 99 circles. Here we come. Not that bad in stealth, but getting there himself is a problem, and they foresee the mascot too. Yeah, well, only one person really needs to mask up the risk, and just like hanging around his phone, I was waiting for the cameras to do that, but yeah, that works, captain.

Yeah, if you can distract them, yeah, please follow me now. We've got to find the PC. I don't know where there are two of them. Yeah, I guess you can go there to go for that one, not try to go for the other one. In the right direction, there's someone there. I'm not on the computer on this side; it's over there.

Is it okay that it's not here? It's on your side, okay? So it's here, you. Wait, did you run cameras? No, we don't need to get the cameras; there's actually an achievement in not killing guards. I have the camera. Come on, Sir Guard, over there. Typically, what I like to do is have somebody stay over here.

Come on, sir guard, if you keep eyes on the guards, and like lure guards if need be, it's just cameras everywhere on the side. Check out the guard. Yeah, hey, a garden over there. Excuse me, you might want to be on camera when that guy moves before you zipline. Nah, of course. God, I think it's A3.


It's 8:30:93 look at this; there's a lot of cameras, and they just turned. Okay, I found one; it's the right container; I only found one. There was a civilian here, and look out. Yeah, okay, I can get him in this container. Hi friend, you're getting kidnapped today. Not a good day, friend. Welcome to the Small Wiener Club.

Enjoy your stay. I only have company. First Take it right there; I'm getting gas. I'm probably at my best if it's a faded explosive barrel below me, so you can shoot that well. You're okay all right, we'll trade.

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