7 Changes I Would Like To See Payday 3


Publicly, it's good; however, I think that there is still a lot that can be improved upon. Today, I want to bring you my personal list of seven changes I would like to see in Payday 3. Rather, I've compiled my own personal ideas, from most to least important to me, on hot topics or completely new additions I'd like to see implemented in the future.

Without further ado, let's begin. Since the current progression system is totally dependent on challenges, you often spend a lot of time on this menu. The problem is that in this current state, it is a nightmare to skim true; there's absolutely no logical order. Gadget challenges are grouped with the heist challenges for some reason, and the way you find weapon challenges is unintuitive because of the long and complicated weapon names.

I would completely reorganize this manu, like so-heist equipment, weapons, and combat, with a carrier bar at the bottom of the heist tab. Instead of seeing all the rectangles with the challenges, they could sort the heists in order, with each one having progression bars to complete underneath with all the four difficulties plus before the assault and after the assault, with each goal showcasing the amount of infamy points earned for completion.


However, this solution only works if Star Breeze doesn't plan to add unique contractors for every heist and instead decides to reuse the already available ones more often. Basically, the more contractors, the messier this page will get. A similar way to sort equipment would also apply, showing progress on deployables.

Gadgets, throwables, and weapons will be organized by weapon classes: assault rifles. SMGs, shotguns, marksman's rifles, pistols, and overkill weapons. Obviously, in the future, they might add new ones so they can leave out some space for lmgs, for example. Each category would show the challenges on each gun with progress bars like the one previously discussed.

I would also add a picture of the weapon next to the name to help players recognize it clearly. Last but not least, the combat tab would house all the remaining specific challenges, divided by special units, stealth, and miscellaneous. I won't lie; I've based a lot of this work on this super-useful website.


By the way, shout out to the guys behind Payday 3. You're doing God's work, but I strongly believe that a proper way to check those challenges from the game menu is essential, especially for the more casual players. Let's be real: We cannot rely on a third-party site forever. Going back to the main challenge menu, they could make it so that if you click on your level, it'll take you to a scrollable bar that shows you what you can unlock depending on your rank, and for some final touches.

I'd also add an option to hide complete the challenges and track the one in progress in game, speaking of that. All right, let's be honest, who actually uses this HUD element that pops up when you press the tab in the game? It shows the objectives on the left side with a small description of what to do, while on the right side it tells you the game you're playing.


Star Breze, but I don't have dementia yet, which favors selected security modifiers and the difficulty you're having. I mean, look at this; it's terribly disorganized and looks like it was thrown together last minute, plus there is so much useless information while crucial information is not displayed.

So to start, I'd remove the objective descriptions on the left. It's nice to have a better explanation of what to do, but realistically, once you play a heist once or twice, you won't need them anymore; we just found them without them in Payday 2. Then I'd reorganize the right side by placing the difficulty display of skulls on top, and if they really wanted, they could keep the heist name.

I would reorganize the favors and modifiers like this, making them more consistent with how they're shown while the heist is loading. At the very bottom, I will place the total number of bags present in the level so you know exactly how much loot you're missing. The game already tells you whenever You' have collected all of them, so I don't think it's going to make the game easier or anything; it's just simpler to understand on the left side.


I would totally revamp it. Place player stats like enemies, skilled head shots, special units killed, and revives. Right under it, as previously mentioned. So I wrote the sole part of the script coming up with the concept that the game would reward your infamy points from the extra loot on each heist, giving you more XP as the difficulty ramps up.

Imagine, for example, that you complete Golden Shark very hard with all loot on the server, and eight out of the 12 money bags will reward you nothing but the remaining four bags would, which would be hypothetical. 15 IP each, which means if you try your hardest, you'll walk home without a whopping 60 IP at the end of the game, which is nothing to scoff at.

In my mind, this system would go hand in hand with the game philosophy of risking everything by staying longer in the heist and rewarding or punishing you for being greedy. However, the more I worked on this possible mechanic, the more I realized how many changes would have to be implemented. They would have to remove the option of pickup loot from the total required loot percentage.

looking forward to

Dirty eyes will be hell to balance, making the scan bags worth more IP. The RAR Stone would just throw a wrench in figuring out how to make the required loot percentage, and heist like rock the cradle on stealth and touch the sky will become overpowered since most of its loot is optional, but then it hit me a perfect, simple idea to make the game more engaging and rewarding.

An idea I've lifted from the Black Ops Cold War daily challenges. It's such a simple mechanic that will bring back players every day with three different challenges of varying degrees of difficulty, rewarding you with different amounts of IP. To sweeten the deal, let's say you log on to complete two of the three daily challenges, and instead of having them all reset, it'll automatically store the one you haven't done for the next day with the new set of three challenges.


Of course, they could call them side jobs for any callback, and to make it more interesting, instead of reusing existing missions, they could make unique ones like these. I came up with another thing they could be useful for: teaching hidden mechanics to players instead of learning them from a YouTuber.

Of course, this can be perceived as applying duct tape to a huge crack in the wall. It won't solve the problem of earning no infamy points at the end of the heist, but it's the easiest solution right now to keep the players engaged and help them level up naturally. Actually, implementing a fixed infamy point reward on heist completion would totally break the current progression system since it is completely based on challenges.

Got some concepts for ya, Starbreeze. Sorry for the audio quality, my mic went a little crazy.
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