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The intro for this article is the title, Three Tips for Every Map in Payday 3. When Playing Stealth on Overkill, Difficulty The only map I did not include is, of course, road rage. As you already know, you can't stealth on that map, so we'll be leaving it aside. Let's get right into it.

No rest for the wicked

If you want to guarantee your safety, clean up the ground floor.

The ground floor has about four civilians and one guard. You can utilize one of your radiers on this guard and essentially clean out the entire bottom floor, which makes your bag hauling process dramatically easier. The only guard you'll have to worry about down here when taking the backs to the van is, of course, the lead guard.

No one else The security room in this map is considered to be a private area and not a secure area, but what this means is that if you get caught by the guard watching the cameras, he'll want to escort you out rather than arrest you, which means you can just hack his radio when he's trying to escort you out and go on about your day, and after doing that, he will now return to watch the cameras, which deactivates.

With all the cameras and without having to waste the radio, you can take on this map without ever having to mask up. Once you reach the vault objective, you can just brute force it by looking at the smudge numbers and guessing out the password. There are various tools on the internet that can assist you with this. This in turn means you can haul bags back to the van without ever risking getting caught, as you won't even ever be masked.

Dirty ice

Dirty ice

If you are fast enough to reach the lever objective part of this map before the manager leaves, you can scan her evidence in this safe right here, and this will stop her from leaving the map, meaning you can make use of her at any point later on in the run if you want to go for Max Loot in dirty ice to get to the lever objective.

Scan the evidence to lock the manager down all before masking up, and you can return to the front part of the jewelry shop and steal all bags right in front of the employees. And civilians, eyes when utilizing social engineering, and skill sets when already messed up make your life a lot easier in this map by getting rid of one of the guards that lurks in these hallways, or better yet, get rid of both of them and deactivate the cameras by baiting the camera guard with a bag.


Once you've done this, you have absolutely There is no other guard to concern yourself with the exception of the lead guard, which you can of course just tag with a motion sensor, and now you officially have zero threats left in this map to deal with.

Rock the cradle

As soon as you spawn, just rush straight into the bouncers, steal this blue key card, and open this door right up in front of them.

This will make them arrest you, but if you utilize the slippery skill, you can just uncuff yourself right in front of them and proceed with the mission as usual, except you have now shaved off literally nearly 10 minutes worth of game play just by utilizing this simple trick. If you get downstairs to the VIP access area without triggering a search, you can tell which room has the crypto wallet hidden inside of it, as there will be a security guard with a black shirt standing right out in front of the door.

Knowing this, you don't have to go around clearing every room by room searching for the crypto wallet. Just look out for this security guard. You can easily turn off the cameras. With one of the various cocaine bags laying around in the VIP access area, there are bags literally everywhere. Just grab one and TOs CL it right next to the security camera guy, and voila, all cameras are now turned.

Under the surphaze

Under the surphaze

Don't deliver bags onto the Escape van before you have all the bags ready to go. Once you start delivering the bags onto the van, the guards, especially the lead guard, start behaving a lot more erratically.

Bringing him on to search rooms he doesn't generally search, which in turn makes your run dramatically harder to work around, so pile up all of the bags in a safe room, such as the stairs, and start bringing them onto the van once you've got them all ready to go to make for a much safer run. Use zip-line bags.

In this map this map has the strongest zipline bag in the entire game for stealth blade, allowing you to bypass all of the civilians when making your way to the van as well as making your bag hauling process a whole lot faster, plus it only costs $10, 000. Start on the top floor. Clear out the camera guy and only worry about downstairs for E1 and E3, which both will have objective Zim. I would also worry about wasting your radios on the upstairs guys rather than the downstairs ones, as you'll be spending most of your time up here, and if you're utilizing the zipline bag favor, then you'll also be delivering the bags from this point, so you really don't have to worry too much about the people downstairs.

Gold & sharke

Gold & sharke

With this map, I 100% recommend combining the following three tips: All together, this will make runs on this map probably the easiest one out of any map. Use one of your radios on the vault guy, as he will be the most dangerous guard for you to deal with after reaching the vault. Grab a money bag and trick the camera guard to deactivate all cameras and use your other two radios on the guards in the parking lot, as well as getting rid of the civilians in the parking lot when getting rid of all of these people.

Taking the bags onto the van is an absolute breeze. Don't mask up until you've at least opened the vault. I've seen some people mask up before this point, but if you do that, you'll make your life dramatically better. Moving around the upstairs employee area while masked up is incredibly tough, as there are civilians and guards everywhere.

use the elevator and access favors. If you've got it, this is by far the strongest favor in the game and can save your solo stealth runs by upwards of 15 minutes, as well as making your runs almost twice as easy when using this favor. Dump all of the bags down the elevator shaft before dropping them down there.

If you combine this with getting rid of the people in the parking lot, you can sprint. Back-and-forth hauling bags doing this Heist easily within 15 minutes with all loot rather than taking upwards of 40 minutes to complete with all loot as it usually does without the elevator, access favor Clear out the phone hacks first before you ever mask up.

99 boxes

99 boxes

This yard area is considered to be a private area rather than a secure area, but at its worst, you'll just be escorted out anytime you mess up while hacking the phones.

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