3 Must Have Skills For Any Stealth Build - Payday 3


World i'm not even the best stealth player in my house, so it's safe to say that if I can find success by utilizing these three skills in my stealth loadouts and builds, then they'll probably work for you as well. If you're new to Payday 3 or even a veteran of the series, it's safe to say that nothing really compares to the satisfaction of completing a heist on stealth.

Without any altercations, police, or sometimes even firing your weapon, payday has upped the difficulty on payday 3, incorporating different AI mechanics that can make stealth heisting a bit more challenging than before. Here are three skills that I have found most useful that can help you complete the heist on stealth more successfully.

The first is the secure-loop skill. I have this skill in every single one of my stealth builds and loadouts and find its usefulness top-tier. When it comes to stealth heisting on Payday 3, you can use one runtime to make the security camera you're controlling loop its footage. Cameras looping their footage cannot detect you or anything out of the ordinary.


If the camera is destroyed, you regain your runtime. If you apply a new runtime, when you're at Max run times, your oldest active one is removed. It basically works like this: You can hack any camera and loop it, leaving you undetected by it, but upon hacking a new camera, your previous hack will become undone, so you definitely want to stay mindful of which cameras you have hacked and which ones you don't, which is pretty easy to tell as a hacked camera will emit like a blue shining light and an unhacked camera will emit the normal red light.

I promise you, if you have not tried this skill, it will absolutely change your [__]. For real, next is the infiltrator skill. It goes without saying that the only passive buff you can really utilize during a stealth heist is Rush, and the infiltrator skill is a great way to prod or refresh. Your Rush passive infiltrator is arguably one of the best skill trees to start with when it comes to stealth heisting.

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You should definitely try using it if you want a smoother stealth playthrough due to the fact that it can help you gain Rush whenever you pick a lock or use a throwing knife. Also, acing infiltrator will allow you to gain even more Rush when a guard begins to detect you, which means your Rush passive will be up almost always, and refreshing it when it goes down will be even easier to do with this skill active.

As a total side note, throwing knives is a really great weapon to use during stealth if you use them instead of a suppressed pistol, which will leave your secondary weapon slot open for a more powerful pistol with more damage mods instead of silenced and stealthy mods just in case things do happen to [__].

Hit the fan, and you'll be more than prepared. But lastly, is the like and subscribe skill? As long as you're unmasked and have Rush cameras that can't detect you trespassing in private areas, they will still detect you performing illegal action. That's all I'm about, boy; it's more [__] speed. Chill out it should be noted that walking only benefits players during casing mode.

Players will gain a rush simply by being near civilians and employees, and they can also utilize that rush to become undetectable by cameras. While Rush is active, although the cameras will still detect you as soon as you do something illegal, keep that in mind anyway. That's my top three stealth skills.

Also, if you guys found this article helpful, do your boy a favor. If you're new, I'd really appreciate it.

These skills are a must have for any stealth build on Payday 3. In this Payday 3 video we're talking about 3 of the most important skills to have when creating any stealth build, or completing any stealth heist. Payday 3's stealth heisting is much different than previous games, and having the best skills can better your chances of a successful stealth heist! Thanks for watching.
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