3 Idiots Vs Payday 3

3 idiots vs

There is lots of surveillance here—one man, one woman. It's not always that, Cody. The display is in the VIP area, where you lock were you lockpicking in front of him; there is no restart. I guess how do I get in the basement, like, because I see this key pad with the password, yeah, but that's esort me out, buddy.

Come on, it depends. There's three locations: either the Wi-Fi password for the employee of the month or it's in the jewelry VI VIP room on a piece of paper, whatever, so basically, depending on the numbers, keep an eye on her on the kead that fingerprints on them. Well, I'm trying to get into the VIP room, but it keeps saying who's watching me.

There's no way to get in without being observed, which requires you to go in the back; there's a set of back stairs. Code You can use the QR code on that door over there if you really want to, or we can use it down here. Hi, sir [__]. You need to escort me out to go. You heard me the first time.

Let's go, MH said aggressively, nodding. Yeah, yes, uh-huh, I lost Mark. I'm, in yes, try to get into the man's office. Don't close the door, me. You said, Get what office the manager's office is on the left. Open the door. He's falling he's falling he got me. You're not allowed in here. Damn, you can't be in here.


Wait, no, Jeremy. Stay in the circle. Stay in the circle. Stay in the circle. Stay in the circle and follow. You guys have different circles. All right, follow me. Okay, all right. Which way is he scoring you guys? Okay, I'm going to lock the door and change the password to the basement as you asked, the same as the Wi-Fi password.

Okay, I don't know what the Wi-Fi password is. I'm going to give it a sec. I've been i've had no. 8635 all right, I'm in. You have the CCTV stop, so you can swipe that and kill the guard. Yeah, she's leaving, I see. There's a guard you guys got to get that [__] thing. Fast; don't take another step, pal.

Did you guys know Cody's getting arrested? Did you guys get rid of the cameras? I'm in the room. Hey, I changed up some douchebags; [__] might have friends. Ready Player One, let's kick ass, take it, and stop it. Yeah, kill him, kill him, kill him, go to him, and escape. Did you cut somebody's lock?


No, because Cody got cuffed. They were looking for anybody that was in the area, and they immediately saw me, so instead of escorting me out, they tried to cuff me as well. Thank you you want to restart only if you guys want to. Don't care, easyy think can restart all right, restarting Watch the guard there.

Watch the guard over there. Hey guard, guard! Watch the guard. There's a guard. Watch, excuse me. I'm stealing your phone. Guard there's a guard. It's a guard. It's a guard over there. There's a—did you say nuts, sir? I forgot you guys were going down. Budd WR door, a key card on his ass, hear me.

I think this goddamn radio picked up some interference from out; it must be in the safe; you believe in aliens; if not, it must be in the room with the safe. Yeah, last time was on a t, we're good, okay, we need to get that evidence, and we need to go upstairs to the manager's office, Blackmailer.

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All right, you want to kill this guard down here? No, he's not a nuisance; he's pretty useless, so do I just stay in this room now? The alarm for the display cases has pretty much just timed it when he comes back over here, and when he leaves, he will just sneak out the back stairs, not these back stairs, the other back stairs closest to you.

I don't know where he is. That's the thing you have: the cameras. You're in the camera room. I'm going to start grabbing jewels in here. All right, this guy's not looking. Just go to the managers or the showroom civilian and go in here. Grab her wait, what are you doing? No, take her over to the biomic scanner and get her to open the [__].

Door Wait, do we turn off the power? Yeah, because if I were to lockpick this and it was not turned off, then open it, the alarm would go off, access granted, no get down, all right, drag them in here, just in case anyone opens the door, but you know you guys don't have a lead guard, so you don't have to worry about that.

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Are all the doors or all the windows closed? I don't know, but I can probably close them. You closed all of them. Yeah, let me just figure out what the guard is. First, they're not closed. None of these are [__]. Closed, J.M., he must have done it during the reset; that would have been bad. There were guns blazing in here, and everyone was seeing what we were doing.

The guard is currently right here by the door, so it's not a good time to kill him. over here that I'm at, but you know, as soon as that happens, you guys are going to want to contain the scene. I'm probably going to still be there; he's behind this pole. Now, no, I mean, there's a hole, but you could probably do it now.

Yeah, sent a guard; there's someone [__]. Hit the floor all right and yell at them. Jeremy, don't worry about tying them yet. Just down, wait. You can clearly see no one's here. Go home jeremy Jeremy, you can't do it in front of literally the entirety of [__] New York out front, so you hit the button, and I'll hit the red card needed.


There's one in the break room, and there's a guard in there. I also don't have the red card. You do it; well done, team; there he goes. Let's see what's inside that vault. Guard Hey, Cody, shoot! I was going to shoot him, but then I remembered I had a magnum. You would think with there being so many [__] you would think with them walking in, seeing holes in the glass, no staff, nobody, holes in the glass blinds are shut lines are shut everything we [__] All of the—what do you call it—the jewelry is gone off the displays now.

The fun part is getting out. I was in casing mode, but then I had to help you guys with the pose scenario, so now it's going to be a bit more difficult to move these out. How difficult well, we have to sneak past the guard in the alleyway, but considering the fact that the guy that normally was there is dead.

I think we can just kind of unhat this window and make our way through here. This is a rare diamond. I was just wondering why it wasn't. Marked, that's seven. Stop closing the door seriously, like stop that or not the door or the window. Be careful you might be coming back soon if he sees these bags were [__].


Yeah, he's coming back. G Just wait, I'm Grabb. I just grabbed the bag. We almost stole it. We're almost done. It's fine i got the bag. Do not click the G key. It's just one bag, all right? Sweet, is that all the loot? Let's see, did you just [__]? Awesome people, okay, that's all the loot.

So I finally got my hands on Payday 3 and I have to say, it's a nice change of pace from what I usually play. In this video we attempted to complete a heist using stealth only. Hope You Enjoyed The Video.
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