10 Tips To Make You A Better Player Payday 3

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Look no further with these dips; you will be a high-level, highly infamous criminal in no time. Hostages in this game are way more important than in Payday 2. You can even trade hostages for first aid kits, but the thing is, don't trade all the hostages. Healing items are good, but cops will ask less aggressively.

If civilians are around, you will see fewer gas grenades and a shotgunner. Cops will actually change to a pistol whenever they are near civilians, so keep that in mind. This next one might seem like common sense, but in online play, I've seen multiple people not doing this. Stay next to the truck on the road.

It only requires one player to be next in order to move the truck, but it will move faster if everybody is close to the truck, so you will complete the heist faster and encounter more. With fewer assault waves, you can actually complete the heist before the second assault even starts. Take armor skills.

Armor is really the king; it's the best. Deployable and the most valuable resource in the entire game, getting skills like armor up will make the backs last longer for you and your teammates, and your survival chances will be heightened to a great degree with different armors. Actually, how many downs do you have?

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Standard has four, light and medium have three, and heavy has two downs, so not only will your movement speed be different with heavier armors, you will have fewer downs to compensate for the extra armor you get. The weapon stats can be a little bit weird, and recoil plus is not more recoil; it's better in a nutshell.

Hopefully this will be changed in the future, but do remember that plus is good and minus is bad. Talking about weapons, if you want to level up your character fast, the progression system in this game is tied to your challenges, and if you keep playing with the same gun over and over again, you might hinder your progress.

Your RNG is actually constant during a run; if you fail and restart, every randomly generated object and code key card is going to be the same, so you can keep learning from your mistakes and eventually complete your stealth run without any issues if you do; however, you want to keep changing. RNG, you will need go you will need to go back to the main menu and start matchmaking again in both stilt and loud.

best weapons

You can place motion sensors, cameras and guards, or civilians, and they will mark people's motion sensors; that is, it's a maximum of 15 mocks, so it's useful on maps with not too many civilians around, like the odd gallery. It will mark your guards, and you'll be more cautious about their whereabouts.

Did you know you can actually prevent cops from spawning inside elevators? If you go inside the elevator, that will stop cops from spawning there and the doors from closing, but a civilian or hostage will also do the same. Just get a civilian inside an elevator, and that place is no longer at the spawn point.

In no rest for the weekend, the bank heist, don't overdo the thermite, cops can lodge the sprinklers and make the progress lower, but if you throw in too much termite, the same thing will happen: it will slow you down, watch the fire, and learn when to throw the next B so that the sprinklers will not turn on.


So these were just a few small tips and tricks to make the most of your early payday (3 days) and make you level up faster and be a better teammate. I hope you guys are all having a good day.

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