10 Things You Didn't Know About Payday 3


Payday 3 has been out for almost a month now, and when its function is intended, the community has been deep diving since day one for all sorts of Easter egg secrets and gameplay tchs, with dozens of interesting and worthwhile discoveries already made and hundreds more likely still lurking just below the surface.

This is my first list of 10 things you didn't know about the Payday 3 article, and if Payday 2 was anything to go by, it certainly won't be the last. The more they said about the current state of affairs, the better. This episode is full of some incredible tips for the current version of the game, so keep in mind that this is a piece of history at a moment in time on patch 1.0 where nothing has been altered or patched out if you're watching this in 2030.

I doubt everything I'm about to show you will work exactly as it does right now, so unless we've got time machines by then, enjoy this slice of Payday 3's release month. As ever, if you knew everything revealed in this article already, congratulations! You've got no life in the game, even more than I have.


Drop a dislike in disdain guilt-free, and if you learn something new from this one, the cloer tells me that you're legally obligated to leave a like and take it up with him. First up on the inaugural payday 3 Secrets list is one that may or may not have been intentional but let me tell you it's a huge Advantage if you've been taking stealth in this game seriously especially on the overkill difficulty, you see the coverup skill in the CQC specialist line allows your takedowns to instantly answer a God's radio without any further interactions, a nice time saer that can also help you move bodies quickly out of line of sight but did you know that if you complet to take down on the lead guard with cover up active you will immediately answer their radio and prevent it from ever activating again entirely nullifying, what makes a lead guard modifier on Overkill so impressive.

Even if you're spotted masked up by one, you can always use infrared mines to stun and take them down, meaning there's a use for two underused stealth options right here. Never ever tell me that takedowns are useless again. In a similar vein, but this time with less neck snapping, the body shield mechanic is insanely powerful in Payday 3.


It allows you to essentially move the cop AI to your whims, forcing them to charge you down or flank around to land a shot, as well as switch over to smaller arms or non-lethal approaches. But did you know it's entirely possible to gain an unbreakable body shield, essentially turning you into your crew's designated riot shield, with the simple skill combo of Force Aase to generate grit and Edge alongside Solid to make you immune to stagger?

You can hold on to your hostage regardless of the onslaught of Mele attacks coming your way. You can even repel bulldozer charges, showing them who the real wall is. This legitimately powerful play style can be enhanced and maintained by the combat reload skill, enabling you to have virtually an endless, indestructible body shield to head into battle alongside.


All right, those first two secrets fall into the interesting and useful gameplay Tex category. I think that's my quote of helpful tips out of the way. Let's talk about the security guard on 99 boxes grooving in town. Honestly, I have no idea why this happens, but these atrocious moves prove that he really has no idea anyone is watching.

This one gave me a laugh the first time I spotted it and is reminiscent of the many dancing Civ Easters from Payday 2, except this guy is actually security, so you can feel guilt-free about putting him out of his misery. And sticking with that musical theme, have you ever wandered past the moving traffic on no rest for the wicked or dirty Ice, taking the time to listen to what they're jamming out to?

There's some rock tunes and some dance music, and one driver in particular is truly excellent. Yes, Razor Mind playing over the radio is probably the most iconic piece of payday music ever produced, courtesy of Simon Vickland. It's amazing to hear in game, and I hope this is just the beginning of the returning songs from Payday 2, as blame Keegan's introduction with the Texas Heat Rift is almost just as goosebumps and juicy.


And the two payday games of old don't stop there. These stickers, easily found around the exterior of Rock the Cradle, showcase none other than Teddy Moo the Payday. The Heist mascot from No Mercy, having a ball on a DDR mat, as well as these jewel spoons of a rather regular size, surely making reference to the comically large spoon in its fiery gold sibling.

Finally, on the Touch the Sky Heist, we find bottles of whiskey from a recognizable Scottish brand; it's the Rivertown Glenn, which Bonnie enjoyed so much in Payday 2 that she even started carrying around bottles as weapons. It's always good to get reminders of our past crew mates, even if their futures remain uncertain.

It's surprising just how many references they were able to fit into launch hell; they even preemptively referenced the day one server outages in this piece of graffiti. Now that was a serious heads-up move. Back on that tips and tricks grind, I want to share how I've been lightening the load when playing solo, especially in stealth, where the bag-moving portions of the heist feel incredibly unforgiving.


As we wait for the transporter tree to finally be added, right now one of the safest and lowest-risk methods for moving bags silently throughout the map is via your AI crew mates. They might not be good for much, but they do make decent Pat mules: unlike in Payday 2, where the crew will take up and maintain positions by the heist entrance, in Payday 3, they will follow you as far as they can into public areas.

This allows you to load them up with bags at the entrance of the area you're looting and run them slowly across to the escape van without needing to take as many dangerous back-and-forth trips through guard-infested territory. It's also worth keeping in mind that loot bags on yours or their backs will count as secured at the end of a heist, saving some time filling up the van at the end of the mission and speeding up your escape.

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