1. Hate My Heart - Payday 3



All right Hello and welcome to Payday 3. Finally. I did record some of the beta, but I came back and all my footage was corrupted, so I guess I technically didn't do the beta, but it doesn't matter because, like, all the equipment I had in the beta didn't transfer over, but yeah, you playing Payday Three, apparently the reviews are pretty bad, so I'm going to go ahead and make my own opinion.


who's looking at me. No way; that's another guard. It's just, no damn sure, these guys out here. I forgot about those guys. I've completely forgotten that there's like, you know, a window that people could see me through. All right, we do not, apparently. All right That's not weird, so it's six, five, seven, nine, five, seven, nine.


I went ahead and just wrote down all the different possible combinations painstakingly, one by one, so I'm going to go ahead and attempt all these. We're going to start with the sixes: first, six, seven, five, and nine. Hell yeah, all right, let's go, let's go, let's go. Well, don't mind us; just some employees are coming to the gym, as you can tell by our gym bags.

Nothing to worry about; this is our van right here. Boom, six bags and counting are all right, so now here's what I'm going to do: I'm going to say this: This is going to be the third time saying this, so third time's the charm, but I'm gonna be heading in here I'm going to be heading in here. I'm going to go ahead and skip.

So when I actually have the loop, look at that bag off the bat. Let's get to what it all looks like. That took me four hours. Was that worth it? No, I should have just done it loud, but I needed to do it in Overkill because my ego's too high and I would not be able to do it in Overkill loud, so man, green.

Stop; you can't be in here. This area is restricted. I'll need you to come with me. This area is restricted. I'm literally following you. Can you shut up and just leave me

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